Apply For The IU Germany Scholarship 2023

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In this article, you will get acquainted with how to apply for the IU Germany scholarship 2023. Here, you can start your Degree program without taking the IELTS test.

Being one of the biggest private institutions in Germany, the IU offers more than 75% scholarships.

This is interesting because you can study online wherever you are under the IU University Scholarship and then you can apply for Germany Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023.

I guess you now know why you need to consider the IU Germany scholarship, they give you the option of doing your programs online or on-campus.

So if your field is in HR, Finance, IT, Data Science, Life Sciences, etc., this is your chance to decide on various degree programs to help you succeed.

Applying before September 30th, 2022, may give you a chance to be qualified for a 75% bursary.

That is because IU is dedicated to investing in students by providing education to all who are interested in the scholarship. They have given over €20 million in bursaries to students globally.

You can get some more details about how to apply for the IU Germany Scholarship 2023 below

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Countries Which Are Exempted From IELTS For IU Scholarship 2023

For countries having English as their official and educational language, a waiver of the language requirements is possible.

Therefore, applicants must have proof of English language proficiency. These applicants must possess citizenship from the following countries:

• Anguilla

• Antigua and Barbuda

• Australia

• Bahamas

• Barbados

• Bermuda

• Botswana

• British West Indies

• British Virgin Islands

• Canada (if education is taught in English earlier)

• The Cayman Islands

• The Channel Islands

• The Christmas Islands

• Cocos Islands

• The Cook Islands

• Dominica

• England

• Eritrea (if education is taught in English earlier)

• Eswatini / Swaziland

• Ethiopia  (if education is taught in English earlier)

• The Falkland Islands

• Fiji

• The Gambia

• Ghana

• Grenada

• Guam

• Guyana

• Heard Island

• India  (if education is taught in English earlier)

• Ireland

• The Isle of Man

• Jamaica

• Kenya

• Kiribati

• The Leeward Islands

• Lesotho

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• Liberia

• Malawi

• Malta

• McDonald Island

• Montserrat

• Namibia

• New Zealand

• Nigeria

• Niue

• Norfolk Island

• Northern Ireland

• Papua New Guinea

• Philippines (if education is taught in English earlier)

• The Pitcairn Islands

• Rwanda  (if education is taught in English earlier)

• St. Helena

• St. Kitts & Nevis

• St. Lucia

• St. Vincent

• Scotland

• Sierra Leone

• Singapore

• South Africa

• The Grenadines

• Tanzania

• Tonga

• The Turks and Caicos Islands

• Trinidad and Tobago

• Uganda

• The United Kingdom

• The United States of America

• US Virgin Islands

• Wales

• Western Samoa

• Zambia

• Zimbabwe

To get more information about the Waiving of English Language Requirements at IU University, see HERE.

How to Apply

Do not worry about getting all the requisite knowledge about how to apply for the IU Germany Scholarship 2023; you can always contact IU Germany University. Please visit the official link on the IU Germany scholarship 2023.

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