Favorable Countries You Can Relocate To With Your Family

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Now that we’ve established what you need to consider when relocating abroad with your family, we need to talk about where. By this, I mean the countries where you can easily relocate to with your family, especially looking at factors such as employment opportunities, affordability, culture and housing, you will have to think about quality and availability of education and the wellbeing of your kids.

So saying, the following are the most sought after destinations giving an unbeatable standard of living with extensive benefits for residents, including a social welfare system managed by established institutions. This information have been collected from surveys and researchers and they will help in your next moving process. For your fresh start as a family, consider these countries:

Known as one of the world’s most migrant friendly nations, Canada is a large country that holds a lot more multinational force than its small population would suggest. It has a long history of receiving migrants with Indian origin residents being among the most prosperous areas of Canadian society.

With a beautiful landscape, free healthcare, free education and a strong social welfare system, Canada gives an ideal life for migrants to settle with their families. Lively cities like Toronto and Vancouver are vital, cosmopolitan metropolises that are welcoming to all. The French speaking province of Quebec offers an extraordinary flavour to the Canadian way of life.

By positively impeding immigration, Canada has created a culture that becomes richer with every accepted migrant. Several generations of migrants now call Canada home and people of India, China Bangladesh, and other communities all live in peace here.


Germany, Europe’s industrial powerhouse, is one of the world’s richest countries. They are known for their engineering strength with some of the world’s leading automotive and manufacturing companies headquartered there.

With this, there are thousands of vacancies for skilled professionals across sectors. Living in Germany also opens up the rest of Europe, allowing you to travel to other European Union countries without applying for separate visas.
Germany offers its residents incredible social benefits including free healthcare, free college education and retirement benefits for those who become citizens.

Germany is also one of the most important cultural hubs of Europe. Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg are some of the most popular cities with thriving sub-cultures heavily influenced by immigrants who call it home. Not only does Germany have a great educational system, but Germans pay great attention to childcare.

This is a time sensitive opportunity for those who want to migrate and work in the heart of Europe. Professionals in the IT, engineering, medical, and business streams are in huge demand.

Are you pursuing a high-quality, yet affordable education for your child? Finland ranks first out of 41 countries in the Quality of Education subcategory. In fact, education is free from pre-primary levels to higher education. Textbooks, transportation, and meals are also either free or partly funded.

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Finland regularly places as one of the top options for people moving with families thanks to high quality, widely available, affordable childcare and education.

According to survey, Singapore is a place that takes good care of its residents. For child education, Singapore is an excellent destination. Singapore has the best education in the world, however it’s very expensive.

There is a child and infant care subsidy available to help parents to defray some costs of child care fees and to ensure affordability and accessibility of child care services. From a safety point of view, Singapore is an extremely safe place to live. It has low crime rates and a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs.

When you move your family to New Zealand, it means you’ll be going to one of the best place to raise children. The country has a focus on raising healthy children and a beneficial but not overly competitive education system, which is believed to give children a more well-rounded upbringing.

New Zealand is also ranked among the top countries in matters of health, integration and overall quality of life. The lack of language barrier in the country can make transitioning a lot easier for the whole family.

The country is consistently classified as one for safety, education and a healthy lifestyle. Young children here aren’t pressured to perform, and the Swiss education system gets high marks on a global scale. When it comes to school quality, Switzerland is ranked 6th in the world.

The Austrian civil system ensures a lot of support for parents. This is a situation whereby working parents can trade staying at home for a fully-paid two-year parental leave. Additionally, all families receive “kindergeld” a monthly stipend for childcare expenses until the child turns 18. Kindergarten, like many private learning institutions, is subsidized by the government.

Sweden is another country which is repeatedly ranked as one of the best countries for families. The very generous 480 days of parental leave for a couple after having a baby is a prominent factor in the country’s family-friendly status.

With a laid back culture, high quality of life and good income equality, healthcare and national happiness, Sweden is an attractive option to raise a family based on quality of education, social benefits, safety, nature, social tolerance, health services, childcare services, and quality of life.

Australia gives an extraordinary quality of life to all residents and a social security net that is steered by the idea of serving all. It is a breathtakingly beautiful continent with a mixture of geographies, cultures, and unique natural habitats.

Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney always rank among the most liveable cities in the world. The easygoing culture makes it easy for migrants from across the world to settle and assimilate into the Australian way of life.
The Australian government’s long term vision is to make the nation stronger, more sustainable and more digitised.

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This is why huge investments are being poured into every essential sector to establish a platform for Australia’s future growth. This is the perfect time to begin your journey to migrate to Australia.

The parental leave system in Denmark is rated among the most generous and flexible in the European Union. Both mothers and fathers are entitled to 23 weeks of parental leave, and mothers are entitled to four weeks of maternity leave before the expected due date.

Denmark employs a universal health care system in which citizens receive mostly free medical care. Higher education is also free. And safety, peace and quality of life is also valuable here.

In this country, children have a good environment for their growth. This is especially so in education and childcare quality, where Netherlands is ranked 3rd and 4th. Also, every mother is entitled to a maternity nurse, known as a “Kraamzorg”, with part or all of the cost covered by insurance. The Netherlands boasts of a tolerant society, with liberal processes to many social issues.

The UK Government has initiated a number of programs to invite professionals from trade, medical, engineering and business backgrounds to apply for migration. There is an enormous need for experienced professionals to fill the gaps across industries and there is no time like now to apply for a PR.

The UK’s English-speaking environment, well-known culture, large and well established Indian populace all make it a attracting destination. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious companies and educational institutions, the UK is a place where you could settle down in comfort.

Like we all know, the United States of America is the world’s most sought after immigration destination. People from all over the world have bought into the American dream and the lives of those who move there are forever changed.

It is a home to the world’s biggest brands in technology, medicine, manufacturing, insurance, retail and consumer services. The US offers unparalleled opportunity to those who manage to get in.

Now, how would you know which country to choose?
While there are dozens of alternatives to migrate abroad, the list mentioned above is of the world’s leading migration destinations. It is not reasonable to apply to all the countries mentioned above but it is essential that you consider your options while making your decision.

Characteristics such as your eligibility, your plans, and your current situation must all be considered to create a migration plan that can work. An experienced migration professional can go a long way in helping you understand your options and make a more informed decision.

There are plenty of places to live where you and your family can thrive, grow and enjoy life to the fullest. Now you simply need to decide – “where to?”


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