Full MA Scholarship in International Media Studies (IMS).

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Application has not commenced : check website

Deadline: 31. March 2022

it is always ok to prepare your application documents before the application starts, that is while you are getting this update now to increase your chances of application.

The IMS is conducted in English and combines the disciplines of digital media and development, communication science and media management. The full-time, four-semester program offers an unparalleled mix of research, lectures and practical experience and prepares students for careers in the communications and media industries.

The program is targeted at students from around the world that want to work in a position of responsibility in journalism or the communications sector. It especially addresses journalists-in-training, media representatives from radio, TV, online and print and communication experts.

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Those interested must have completed an academic program (bachelor’s degree or equivalent) and have acquired at least one year of professional experience in a media-related field after their first degree.

The program is held in English.

Especially targeted at:

– Media representatives from radio, TV, online and print

– Journalists-in-training, especially from electronic media

– Journalists and management from community radio stations

– Communication experts

– NGO employees

– Employees from ministries

– Employees from cooperative development groups and projects

– Representatives from regional working groups and national broadcasters

– Media association representatives

What does the DAAD scholarship cover?

  • Living expenses : 861 €/month
  • Tuition free
  • Flight to and fro ticket
  • Study and research subsidy
  • A subsidy for travel expenses (incl. insurance for accident & personal liability) to Germany and back home after the completion of the programme
  • Health insurance
  • Preparatory German Language Course and more
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Location:Bonn, Germany
Duration2 years
Aplication Deadline31, march, 2022

Who can apply for the DAAD scholarship?

Applicants for the DAAD scholarship must

  • come from a developing country (link to list of eligible countries)
  • have 2 or more years of professional experience since graduation (at the time of application)
  • must not have graduated longer than 6 years ago

APPLICATION WILL COMMENCE BY OCTOBER; NOVEMBER, 2021, VIA ONLINE PORTAL-apply as regular student but include the DAAD application form.

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