Fully Funded Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023

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The applications for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 for international students are now available. This is a fully funded Scholarship by the Switzerland Government with about 500 Masters and Ph.D. Degree Scholarships funded by the Government of Switzerland.

As one of the prestigious Scholarships in Europe, program participants can study at any university in Switzerland under Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships.You can study any field in any discipline under the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship in 2023.

Please also note that the “Chevening Scholarship 2023” applications opened yesterday, you can check out this post on How To Win A Fully Funded Chevening Scholarship.

This article encompasses recent information about the application process and tips on how you can apply and secure this opportunity. Switzerland is home to one of Europe’s most prestigious higher education systems. There are more details below.

• Swiss Government Excellence Research Scholarships for foreign students
• Swiss Government Excellence Ph.D. Scholarships for foreign students
• Swiss Government Excellence Postdoctoral Scholarships for foreign researchers
• Swiss Government Excellence Art scholarships

• Research Scholarships are available to post-graduate researchers in any discipline (who hold a master’s degree as a minimum)
• Art scholarships are available to art students aspiring to seek an initial master’s degree in Switzerland.

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• Research Scholarships in Switzerland: 12 Months Maximum
• Doctoral Scholarships in Switzerland: 12 Months or up to 36 months based on the achieved academic results
• Post-Doctoral Scholarships in Switzerland: 12 Months

The Swiss Government scholarship will cover the following:
• Monthly stipend
• Tuition fee
• Round Airfare Tickets
• Accommodation
• Health Insurance
• Housing Allowance
• Research Fund

The required criteria for the Swiss Government Scholarships vary and are different for each country. If you want to check the eligibility criteria for your country you can select your country:
Select Your Country: Countries A – L / Countries M – Z

• Acceptance Letter: First, of all, you need the Acceptance Letter/Supervision Letter from a Swiss Professor.
~ How to contact the Professor:
From previous years, it has been noted that Professors already accept a student from another country. This is due to delay in emailing and impressing him/her OR not taking time to understand the Professor profile and associating it to your work.

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As a result, tips on How to Reach out to Professors for Scholarships will be on our next post. Watch out for it!

If you start now by using at least one week to study the Professor’s profile and then emailing him/her, you can easily get a reply and apply in time for the Swiss Govt. Scholarships 2022-2023.

See links below:
Email Sample 1
Email Sample 2
Email Sample 3
Email Sample 4

• English IELTS/ TOEFL Scores Etc are very important for application, but ask by emailing Swiss universities to know if they are waiving it off OR accepting English Proficiency Language Certificates as an alternative

The Last Date to Apply for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023 is 30th September 2023. You can check at Countries A – L / Countries M – Z

The application process is also unique for each country set by the Swiss Authorities.
To apply, please visit the Official website of the Switzerland Government Excellence Scholarship.
Then Select your country from “Countries A – L / Countries M – Z“.

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