How To Choose The Best Locations For Freelancers To Live In 2022

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have resulted to working remotely.The world has transformed at an unexpectedly fast pace since then; and it has become the new normalcy to combine travel and work; another word for these set of persons is ‘digital normad’.

So you see, a lot of people have taken the bull by the horns and shifted to working online and travelling from city to city because they can. While some people succeed more in a 9-5 office job, with fixed routines and more “safety”, others cannot resist being in constant change and being able to manage their work-life balance.

Because I love working remotely, let me share the advantages of doing this.

What you need to first take into consideration is that these advantages differ depending on your work type. Opportunities in this area may sometimes be a remote partnership with a company, a freelance career with several clients, or their own business. Your circumstance characterizes your flexibility and work hour policy.

As a remote worker, you have control over your workload and office hours. You are free to choose the time of the day you feel most productive rather than what office timings would authorize.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your income on a monthly basis when you have a remote contract with a company. Why? It provides you more safety and a consistent workload.There is no location on earth you can’t work from as long as there’s high-speed WIFI.

So saying, you don’t have to spend your time or money moving from place to place, or go to an office. You just need to work in the comfort of your home. It relieves stress when you aren’t running to reach somewhere every morning.

You see you can plan your work schedule based on any personal responsibility, so you never miss out on both. By choosing your own place, you can even find time to relax after work. But how do you even know which is the right location for your needs? Here’s how…

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Can you speak their language?
What languages do you speak fluently? Or at the least have a basic understanding of? Are those languages useful in the destinations you are considering? Do you know enough to take care of daily activities?

If not, are you willing to learn a new language? English is common in some parts of the world, and it may not be necessary to know the local language. But in some other places, it can be very necessary. Don’t be scared! All you need is the willingness to learn, moving abroad is an incredible opportunity learn a foreign language.

Do they have sufficient Internet Connection?
I can’t emphasize the enough, not only do you need an internet connection, you also need it to be durable and very fast. You need to check the overall internet connection of the city. Are there enough WIFI hotspots available? Are you able to work from coffee shops & café? Are the mobile connection providers working well throughout the city?

Well, this depends on your workload and tasks. For example, you will need a faster connection if you are doing a lot of online presentations or video calls. You should also consider the time you spend online in your spare time.

Internet speed is not the only thing you should consider, what about their infrastructure? A city with good infrastructure will make your daily life so much easier and cheaper. For example, do they have a good public transport system? Are there good alternatives such as city bicycles or scooters when you can’t afford to take the bus? Is it easy to cover the city center on foot? Is it affordable to rent a car for a weekend trip? Those are the things you will need to consider in terms of the city’s infrastructure.

Can you afford to stay there?
Affordability is a vital aspect for many when choosing their destination. Can you pay for rent and still have enough left for food, and other activities? You need to find a place that gives you a healthy work-life balance, and of course, you need to save money too.

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Eventually, you need a city that allows you to live comfortably and stress-free. So you need to research everything about the cost of living in your preferred city. You also need to consider things like rent, food, laundry, general shopping, furniture, movies, co-working spaces, sport activities, and so on.

Are their Time-zones convenient for you?
Do you have a remote contract that requires a lot of communication; like virtual assistance or a customer support specialist, then It needs to be convenient for your clients to work with you despite your remote location, so you need to fit into their time zone and office hours. This is crucial.

What’s their community like?
Are you looking for friends to socialize with after work, are you looking for a network where you can find potential clients, or do you value people who share your passions for sport or outdoor lifestyle? Once you know your priorities, it becomes easier to choose a location.

What’s their weather condition like?
Do they experience storms when it rains? How hot is their weather? You just need to do your research before you go.

Since you now know what you will enjoy while working remotely and you know the factors to consider before choosing a location, it’s only appropriate for you to know which locations you can work from. Some of them are:
• Lisbon, Portugal
• Melbourne, Australia
• Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
• Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
• Cape Town, South Africa
• Berlin, Germany
• Barcelona, Spain
• Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain 
• Río De Janeiro, Brazil
• Medellín, Colombia
• Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
• Tulum, Mexico
• Austin, Texas, United States

With the factors to consider before choosing a location laid out, it’s up to you to pick your favorite destination.

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