Chinese Government Scholarships 2022 | Step By Step Application Process | Fully funded

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Owing to China’s extensive ancientness and various culture, many foreign students have seen it as a most desirable location to study.

With their elevated levels of education and a diversity of scholarships, Chinese colleges welcome a large number of overseas applicants with open arms. The country gives you an excellent experience to engage yourself in a foreign culture, learn new abilities, and boost your professional possibilities.

I am pleased to inform you that the fully-funded Chinese Government Scholarship 2022 will be open for online applications in 250+ Chinese Universities from November 1, 2021. The deadline to submit your application for the China Government Scholarship 2022 will be March 30, 2022.

If you’re interested in studying in China, then the Chinese Government Scholarships 2022-2023 are now accepting online applications from all international students.

Carefully read this article to know how you can prepare your application documents and apply for this great opportunity.

Funding For The Chinese Government Scholarship 2022
The advantages are classified under three categories, i.e., Type A, B, and C.

Following this, is the coverage provided to the candidate by the Chinese Government Scholarship platform:

The first type is the most desirable among students and consequently comes with the involvement of more competition. Type A Chinese Government Scholarship includes:
1. Registration Fee
2. Dormitory Coverage
3. Basic Health Insurance
4. Monthly Basis Stipend to cover personal needs

The Type B Chinese Government Scholarships encompasses same coverage as the Type A scholarship. However, a monthly stipend is not part of the offerings.

Finally, the Type C Chinese Government Scholarship is a fractional scholarship that incorporates the least benefits.

An advice one can consider is if the candidate has the means to pay for living expenses, they can apply for Type B or C as it would be a lesser challenge to secure the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for Chinese Government Scholarships 2022
For the candidate to be qualified to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, the following are the requirements:
1. The candidate must be an international student.
2. To be eligible for the undergraduate program, the candidate must be below the age of 25.
3. To be eligible to apply for a master’s degree, the candidate must be below the age of 35.
4. The candidate must have their undergraduate degree when applying for a master’s.
5. To be eligible to apply for a doctoral, the candidate must be below the age of 40.
6. The candidate must have their master’s degree to be eligible for entry in a doctoral degree.
7. The candidate must be in good mental and physical health.
8. To be eligible for a General Scholar Program, the candidate must be a high school graduate and below the age of 45.
9. To be eligible for a Senior Scholar Program, the candidate should have a master’s degree or an associate professor. The age requirement for this is to be below 50.

List of Required Documents Needed for Chinese Government Scholarship Application
The following are the documents needed to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship:

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• The documents must be submitted in either English or Chinese.

• A quality scanned image of the candidate’s regular passport with a validity date no later than March 1, 2022, must be submitted.

• If the candidate’s passport is not valid, they must apply for a new one prior to applying for the scholarship. Candidates who are unable to apply for a passport or visa before submission of the application because of rational grounds might send scanned copies of identification credentials or legal documents comprising the candidates’ “Name, Sex, Ethnicity, Birthdate,” as well as other relevant data with the authorization of forwarding officials.

• Attestation is of documents is necessary.

• Prospective diploma winners must submit official proof of student status by their current school. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

• All academic transcripts need to be attached. In case the documents are in another language, attested copies of the translation must be sent along.

• All candidates must submit a study plan or research proposal. The minimum word limit for undergraduates is 200. For students without a degree are mandated to submit a minimum of 500 words and postgraduate students must submit 800 words. The language requirement is either Chinese or English.

• Instructors or assistant professors have to provide 2 recommendation letters in Chinese or English for candidates applying for graduate or senior researcher courses.

• Candidates for music programs are instructed to share original artwork. Candidates for fine arts courses should create 2 sketches, 2 colored canvases, and 2 additional pieces of their choice with their application.

• Candidates below the age of 18 must provide legitimate legal guardianship documentation in China.

• The candidate is mandated to provide official documentation of non-criminal records. These must be allotted via local security authorization.

• This is typically issued 6 months before the submitting date of the scholarship.

• Candidates staying in China for over six months need to provide a duplicate of the filled Foreigner Physical Examination Form in English.

• The candidate must keep the official version. The Chinese quarantine administration developed the paperwork, which can be requested via the forwarding body.

• Every one of the areas on the Foreigner Physical Examination Form should be covered during the health screening. Unfinished documents, as well as ones lacking the signature of the medical professional, the hospital’s authorized seal, or cover pictures of the candidates, are considered invalid.

• It is necessary that the candidate schedules their medical exam 6 months before applying for the China scholarship. The medical exam results are acceptable for 6 months only.

Watch out for the list of documents that may be applicable in certain conditions:
~ If the candidate has gained a provisional or confirmed acceptance from the university of their choice, the letter must be submitted for CGS.
~ Language exams documents, such as TOEFEL, IELTS.
Note: Any supplementary documentation that is submitted has to be visible, credible, and legitimate. It is advised that candidates digitize the essential papers using any specialist equipment. Candidates are responsible for the implications of submitted items that are imprecise or unidentified.

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Steps of Application for Chinese Government Scholarship
The process for applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship is straightforward and the following are the steps you are required to follow:

Step 1: The first step is to fill the Chinese Government Scholarship application form online on the CGS portal. The application is mandated to be filled in English or Chinese.

Step 2: Create an account and fill out the biodata. The candidate will be required to pick the kind of scholarship (A, B, or C) and the code of sanctioned agencies or universities at the start of the online application form. The code mentioned will either be available on the internet or will be given to the candidate by the college they have picked to go to. The candidate is allowed to apply for up to 3 Chinese colleges.

Step 3: The candidate needs to add the agency number of the selected Chinese University.

Step 4: After the candidate has filled up the online form for the scholarship, they are required to upload all the compulsory documentation in PDF format. Once the candidate has submitted the Chinese Government Scholarship online application, they are to download it.

Step 5: Then the candidate will determine whether their preferred Chinese university necessitates an online admissions application as well or not. If the admission application at a selected Chinese University is required then locate the admissions portal of the preferred University, create an account, and fill out the application form with relevant documents.

Step 6: Also attach the Chinese Government Scholarship downloaded application form in Chinese University’s admissions application portal. Assuming the college requests an online application, upload it along with the Chinese Government Scholarship application on the college’s webpage. Submit admissions application, download the form.

Step 7: Now candidates got two downloaded forms; first one by the Chinese Government Scholarship portal and the second by the preferred Chinese University portal. Prepare two sets of forms, document copies, and then mail them to the College for final review.

Step 8: At the beginning of the middle of July, the results of the Chinese Government Scholarships will be publicly disclosed on the official website of the application. After that point forward, the organizations proceed to send out the required paperwork to finalize the student visa in the applicants’ country of residence.

Application Deadline of Chinese Government Scholarship 2022
Chinese Government Scholarship CGS scholarship applications are typically accepted between the term of January to April of every year. Multiple time frames apply to varying designated Chinese organizations or colleges. The candidate must double-check the deadlines of the colleges they are interested in attending.

Some Chinese Universities such as HIT China will start accepting Chinese Government Scholarship applications from November 2021.




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