When To Start Job Search If You Are Moving

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Have you ever wondered how long it could possibly take for you to find a job when you’ve relocated? Or how far in advance you should start a job search? This post will aid you in knowing how best to go about your job search.

The time you will need to secure a new job in a new location will depend on several conditions. The following are some which can make a difference in the length of time it takes to find work:
• The jobs at your level and in your profession in the new city
• General economic situations affecting the market
• The demand for your skills and experience.
Your salary level.

So you need to plan thus, give yourself plenty of time, and remember that it could take longer than average in areas where the economy is still down or the demand is low for candidates with your qualifications. That’s why you need to…

Take the time to survey the job market before you commence your job search. If you are a college/university graduate, you can consult a fellow alumni, moreover, LinkedIn contacts, and members of professional groups in the new location can help you to assess the specific market conditions for your profession.

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You must first consider how your current employer will react to your upcoming move. If you think he/she will understand and not lay you off early, it is advisable to share your plans well in advance. It will help you conduct an open search with the knowledge of your current supervisors and colleagues, thereby enlisting their support. With it, you can find a job faster.

Keep it positive when you tell your boss. Employers tend to be more understanding of your reason for moving on to something different from your being discontent with your job or supervisor. Explanations like relocating to care for an elderly parent, to go to graduate school, or for a partner’s new job are common reasons for a move.

It’s fundamental to be careful as to how you indicate your move in your cover letter. If you are in a career field and moving to a city where there are many local qualified applicants, you may be screened out if you apply with an out-of-the-area address. Some job postings even state that only local candidates or candidates in that location should apply.

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It is okay to lay the groundwork for your move by expanding your networking and professional activity well in advance, you may encounter opportunities before you have planned to move. If a great job comes along, be as creative and flexible as possible given your life situation. For example, could you move earlier than anticipated and go home on the weekends?

Check out online resources which will help you plan a move. Your earnings and cost of living calculators will help you figure out how much you will need to earn in your new location to match what you’re earning now.

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