Bachelors and Masters Padua International Excellence Scholarship in Italy (Fully funded)

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The University of Padua provides 59 scholarships to highly qualified prospective students who intend to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree entirely in English at Padua. The scholarship programme is quite selective. Only those with the highest achievements and school/academic records are eligible for a scholarship. Successful scholars will be expected to serve as ambassadors for the university and represent it at various occasions.


fee-waiver + €8,000 scholarship (gross amount) per each academic year. The only amount to be paid by beneficiary students for each year consists of an admission fee, corresponding to the regional tax and marca da bollo.

Duration: the Padua International Excellence Scholarship has a maximum duration of:

  • 2 continuous years for Master’s degree candidates;
  • 3 continuous years for Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle degree candidates.

After the duration indicated above, beneficiary students will be required to cover their own expenses as well as tuition fees until graduation.

Who can apply: highly talented prospective international students from all over the world wishing to enrol in one of University of Padua Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees completely held in English.

How to apply: you can be considered for the selection procedure, under penalty of exclusion, if you meet the requirements below.

  1. Do not possess an Italian citizenship (except for dual citizenship including Italian);
  2. hold a non-Italian foreign secondary school diploma (for Bachelor’s or Single-cycle degrees applicants) or a non-Italian Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s degrees applicants) allowing admission to the Italian University system;
  3. do not reside in Italy;
  4. apply to one or more of the abovementioned degree programmes completely taught in English at the University of Padua. Please remember that you can apply up to 3 degree programmes.
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You will be immediately taken into consideration for the selection process if you fulfill these prerequisites. Other than the ones needed to apply for the chosen degree program, no further application or particular documents need to be sent.

Selection criteria: The Academic Committee of every degree program selects a shortlist of qualified applicants and grants scholarships to the most worthy candidates based on their prior learning records, quality, and academic performance in their field of study.

Selection results: Scholarships are only available to applicants during the first application period. In extreme circumstances, the Academic Committees may choose to give the scholarship to a qualified applicant during the second application period.

Scholarships selection results will be published at according to the timeline indicated in the Call for applications.

Acceptance: Should you be selected for a Padua International Excellence scholarship, you will get an offer along with information about how to accept it and when to do so. You must be able to fulfill the requirements in order to complete your enrollment at the University of Padua and not be eligible for any other grants in order to be awarded the scholarship. The first installment will be sent to you when you arrive in Padua. The call for applications contains specifics about the merit requirements needed to keep the scholarship.

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Payments arrangements and maintenance requirements: the scholarship  will be paid in two (2) instalments of  €4,000 (gross amount) each per academic year upon achievement of the merit requirements indicated in the Call for applications.

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Revocation: the University of Padua will revoke your scholarship if:

  • you do not obtain at least 20 ECTS by 30th November of the following a.y.
  • you decide to transfer to another University or withdraw from your studies.

In the above cases, you shall refund the amount of the scholarship already received.

Detailed information on the Padua International Excellence scholarships are available in the Call for application for A.Y. 2024/25

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  1. Pls I wish to apply for the bachelor degree. How can I apply for it
    Thanks so much I need your help.

  2. I had my bachelor in Basic Education, did nutrition for a semester, can I apply for Food and Health at the masters level?

  3. Greetings
    Please what are the necessary requirements for the application? I wish to apply for the scholarship.

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