I can’t kiss any one with mouth odour on set-Olamide Alawoya

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Olamide Alawoya

Following and interview with Punch Ng she reviewed the following

While growing up, like most children, I wanted to become a lawyer. At some point, I also wanted to become an accountant since it had to do with money. However, I didn’t know much of what the job entailed then.


For my elementary education, I attended the University of Ibadan Staff School, Ibadan. I then proceeded to Queens School, Apata, and Genius Royal Academy (both in Ibadan) for my secondary school education. I later got a diploma in Industrial Labour Relations and Bachelor’s degree in Economics, both from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State.


I really cannot recall the title of the first movie I appeared in but it was produced by Omogoriola Hassan.


So far, I have produced four movies. When it comes to getting movie locations, it is always difficult. Though I have location managers, I prefer doing things myself because I know the picture I have in my mind. I try to embrace the challenges and make the best of them. I also strive to make sure my next production is better than the previous one.

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Parents’ reaction

They were quite indifferent about it initially. At the time I started acting, I was still schooling. So, their major concern was that it shouldn’t distract me from my academics.


One thing that has stuck to my heart over the years is to remain consistent and also evolve. We know how big the industry is. From time to time, new acts come in, so if one feels one has got a spot that is irreplaceable, one would be shocked by how quickly someone else would take one’s place. The goal is to stay original, keep working and constantly bring in new and creative ideas to be on top of one’s game.

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When I started, I was quite shy. I was expected to take up the role of someone I was not in reality before so many people and that was quite difficult for me. With time, however, I got over it. After all, it is just about lights, camera and an act.


I wouldn’t say the job doesn’t pay well; it depends on the value you place on yourself. And besides, I have other businesses I’m involved in.

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