I have no time to age, Dolly Parton tells Oprah Winfrey.

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The incredible artist as of late showed up on “The Oprah Conversation,” where she was asked by Winfrey in the event that she contemplates “the number” as she hits various achievements in her day to day existence.

“I don’t consider my life regarding numbers,” Parton clarified. “Above all else, I ain’t never going to be old since I ain’t persuaded time to be old. I can’t stop sufficiently long to develop old. I’m simply going to be as well as can be expected be at whatever age I am.”

Parton, 74, jested that she’s fine with a little enemy of maturing help.

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“Furthermore, I wager you I’m not going to appear to be that unique at 95 on the grounds that I’m similar to the Gabor sisters,” she said. “I’m going to resemble an animation. I’ll have on the cosmetics. I’ll look as youthful as my plastic specialists will permit me. Furthermore, it resembles such cosmetics and lighting what not. Be that as it may, I think more than anything, it’s about what comes from inside you.”

Of Parton’s appearance on the show, Winfrey took to Instagram to state: “To her huge number of fans, @dollyparton is an irreplaceable asset. She’s sang, acted, and even made them sing on public TV. She’s composed more than 3,000 tunes that make you cry, challenge your tricking man, or move confidence in you. On this scene of @theoprahconversation, Dolly goes along with me as we glance back at her own music that is darling by ages and causes us anticipate her confident perspective on what life after the pandemic will resemble.”

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