Lagos to Benin on Faith.

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The Faith Journey

I have always believed faith in God works though even in the worst situations but i have only had few old experiences not until the 8th of January 2020, when i was to drive down my newly bought toyota Camry car from Lagos to Benin City, without any correct particulars and expired papers. Well as you know it driving such a long distance without papers can be very risky and cause a lot of delays from Nigeria uniform men. If you are lucky it could lead to spending a lot of money to bribe the police and other officers.

Just bought a Nigerian used car, which has already began to exhibit the characteristics of a typical 9ja used car. I was in the filling station with my driver who happens to be a mechanic, i guess you can call him mechanic driver, lolz. He suggested i filled the fuel tank which i agreed. After a fuel worth 6k we decided to top it with 3k, lo and behold there was a leak in the fuel tank and that was my fuel pouring down with no control, oh behold another fault in my old newly bought car. Well i was weak and still thinking of how my elder brother has warned me not to drive to Benin with expired papers. Though a friend has suggested we looked for money change 200 naira change, for bribing sake which we could not get.

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So we set out on our journey through the Sagamu-Benin express way with nothing but Faith that God Almighty will see me through. I prayed within me and had faith that no officer on the way would stop my car.

Now on our way. Oh na Police be that oh, Jesus! Mind cut! Scared!! But the we were not stopped. My Faith busted. Then just a few kilometers away another check point. Wow we just passed it, i wasn’t scared.

For every check point passed my Faith raised, and i began to thank God Almighty, we arrived Benin 1.30pm and i got to my destination 2pm we were not stopped or packed. Its really amazing how faith works but i tell you it is really profitable. Winks

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Mr. Brown

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