What You Should Know About Being A Jack Of All Trades

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I vividly recollect how I started; the quest to search for a skill I can learn and grow with each passing day. Between baking and fashion designing, I didn’t know which to focus on. I then proceeded to register in both classes. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I had to shuffle both classes even though they often clashed.

During the process, I started work on baking peanuts, chin chin, egg roll, etc. I did that for a while and stopped due to the increment of ingredients prices in the market. Then I started making zobo drinks which flourished for a while until I simply lost the passion for it.

I even started a class on ventilating closures and frontals since I have an inborn talent for hair braiding, then I developed content for several blogs for some time, I engaged in several businesses; those earlier mentioned, selling oil perfumes, liquid soap, voiceover recording, writing, affiliate marketing, etc.

During the pandemic, I would register for several online workshops all in a bid to increase my value and make money.

But somehow I realized that I was like a nylon bag billowing in the breeze, being tossed about in any direction the bustling hurricane of ‘hustling’ takes me.

I often looked longingly at friends who seemed to have it all together, especially the ones who have established an empire in their preferred mode of business.

I wished I had started my clothesline or even written several books. I often wished I could recover lost time.

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I was running from pillar to post not knowing that I am a jack of all trade and a master of none. I remained in this labyrinth because I couldn’t seem to fathom where I should be in life. While this was going on, certain wonderful changes emerged in my attitude to work, they are:

  1. I was excited with lots of different passions and interests;
  2. I was fascinated with something new, almost every time; and
  3. I always came up with new ideas- on a lighter note, I once suggested to my friend that I wanted to start making scented candles, although the result of a market survey made me drop it.

There you have it, though it may be very good to carve a niche and specialize on it, these are the benefits of being a Mr. Jack or Ms. Jill.


  1. When there are numerous things you want to do, you forget that you only have so much time and strength to do them. You’ll get tired and frustrated if you try to do so many things at the same time.

2. You won’t be referred to as an expert in any field because you can’t specialize. Thus, you may find it difficult to land a job in a specific profession.

3. Of course, you can be easily overwhelmed by all the things you want to learn. My Spanish classes are a good example right now.

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So even if you don’t want to specialize, you can work out at being a generalist, you just need to take your time, pick a couple of things to focus on, and be mindful of your well-being.

Even though I’ve eventually chosen to carve a niche in my writing career, I still juggle between selling my products and rendering home hair braiding services to my clients.

It helps me maintain a steady influx of income and also enables me to use my writing skills to digitally market my products and services.

Like Alabo Lynus, a Capital Development Strategist, says, ” Be a master of one trade, but know how to do other jobs”. For instance, the owner of a hairstyling salon. It would be better if you know how to do one or two of the jobs done in your salon or even get yourself acquainted with the prices of your wigs, attachments, and other hair accessories in the market. That way you can set a good standard for your employees.

So it’s okay to want to generalize as well as specialize on one skill.

Tell me what’s your take, would you like to specialize on one skill or generalize on several? Please let me know in the comment section.

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