List of 14 MSc/PhD Scholarships to check out

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Hey guy welcome to my blog, here is a list of MSc and PhD scholarships you can check out, most of them are NOT fully. Go ahead and check them out. i will drop more fully funded scholarship so be sure to check back soon, subscribe to our NOTIFICATION So you do not miss out. CLICK ON THE RED BELL AT THE RIGHT BOTTOM CORNER

  1. Croatian Scholarships for Christians, Republic of Croatia
    Fully funded scholarships for Masters and PhD. Deadline: May 17, 2021 –

2. University of Waikato Research Masters Scholarship, Australia
Tuition fee scholarships for research Masters. Deadline: May 31, 2021 –

3. Global Excellence Scholarship, UWA Australia
Up to $12,000 award annually for bachelors, Masters and PhD. Deadline: July 23, 2021 –

4. University Canada West Scholarship, Canada
$5,000 scholarship award for Bachelor of Arts and MBA –

5. McGill Entrance Scholarship, Canada
$3,000 – $12,000 scholarship award for Bachelors degree –

6. Hans Bockler Foundation PhD Scholarships, Germany
Funding for PhD –

7. Sheffield Hallam Transform Together Scholarships, United Kingdom
50% tuition fee scholarships for Bachelors and Masters degree. Deadline: May 31, 2021 &
November 1, 2021 –

8. Excellence Scholarships Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Tuition fee scholarships for Masters degree. Deadline varies according to country –
Click here Link

9. University of Glasgow Leadership Scholarship, United Kingdom
70 scholarships available for Masters degree. Value: $10,000 –

10. University of Liverpool PhD Studentship, United Kingdom
Deadline: May 25, 2021 –Click here

11. Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship, United Kingdom
50% or 100% tuition fee scholarship for Masters degree. Deadline: May 21, 2021 –

12. University of Huddersfield Scholarships, United Kingdom
Various awards for Masters and PhD, including a tuition fee waiver –

13. East Tennessee State University International Students Scholarships, USA
Tuition fee scholarships for Bachelors and Masters degree. CLICK HERE

14. University of Malta Scholarships, Malta
Tuition fee scholarships for Masters and PhD – CLICK HERE


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