How To Extend Your Stay Abroad As An International Student

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As an international student, are you wondering about how to extend your stay while studying in that country? Or maybe your most urgent concern is acquiring a job after graduation?
You must know that locating a job after graduation needs a lot of hard work, whether you want to return to your country or stay and pursue a profession.

You must keep yourself abreast of visa laws and regulations, which can be twisted or confusing. You may discover that many companies are unwilling to sponsor international students since this process can be costly and takes time.

Another thing that may likely boggle your mind not knowing the possibility of extending your stay as an international student. Of course, it is possible. A Post-study work visa will authorize graduates who studied abroad to work in virtually any career role for a few years before returning home; thus obtaining the opportunity to enhance their international orientation.

Even though there are various strategies to get Stay back alternatives after graduation, the central concern is that the interval of the course has a big effect on the likelihood of working during and after the course is completed. This is why you need to get all your information before confirming your application.

• After your graduation or post-graduation, you can decide to stay back and work in several countries including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

To achieve this, you would need to obtain post-study work visas according to the interrelated laws of the country course. Also, you have to be certain that the course and university you have chosen have provisions for staying back and applying for a post-study work visa otherwise you would be stranded.
• Another option is to apply for a visa extension if the law in that country authorizes it. You just have to be sure of the expiry date of your student visa and take immediate action to avoid needless delays.
• Yet another way is applying for a green card under the sponsorship of an immediate family member who is a citizen. This occurs in some countries like the USA. You just need to show related documents to prove your relationship. Of course, any fabricated documents can lead to deportation and a probable ban.
• This last visa option is a bit complex, but it is not an unusual practice for foreign students to marry a local citizen when abroad. This procedure may need your documents and relationship to suffer a lot of investigation by the immigration department.

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All necessary paperwork must be followed to verify that the marriage is genuine and authentic. Even so, you may not get citizenship immediately, but you can apply for the same with an option to stay back for longer in some countries.

Now that you’ve learned about the visa options, let’s delve into the next thing, which is probably the most important for you.

This hinges on the country you are studying in, their rules and regulations may vary slightly. To understand better, for extending your student visa or finding stayback options in a country like Canada, you need to apply for at least 30 days or more before your visa expires.

You must establish that you have always maintained status and that the extension is mandated due to significant academic or medical reasons, such as unanticipated research problems, an alteration in your research subject, or even a documented sickness. Suspension-related programme completion delays and academic probation are not sufficient explanations for programme extension authorization.

Now to the crux of this post…
For better understanding, we are using three countries as case studies.


Optional Practical Training: Students who have graduated and have an F-1 visa, can select this option to stay back up to one year.
Non-Immigrant Work Visa: This H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that licenses individuals to work in high-skilled jobs(usually in the field of engineering, science, and information technology) for a particular time.
Obtain a Green Card: The considerable odds for obtaining a Green Card are employment sponsorship, immediate family sponsorship, the Green Card lottery, select military service, or asylum status.

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Apply for student visa extension: You can apply for a visa extension to the Case Processing Centre (CIC) either online or offline at least three to four months before your current study permit expires. There is a fee of 150 CAD with it and another 85 CAD for biometrics.
Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP): Doing a course with an interval greater than eight months makes you qualified for a PGWP. You may be suited for permanent residency (PR) in Canada if you have at least one year of work experience. With a PR, you may pursue Canadian citizenship after three years and live in Canada indefinitely!
Canadian Experience Class (CEC): Anyone who has attained a two-year course at a post-secondary school and has worked in skilled employment for a year is eligible to apply for PR under this Express Entry System.

Tier 1 UK Visa: Students with a world-class company concept and entrepreneur proficiency, as well as sponsorship from a UK university, are competent to apply and can be valid for three to four months initially. This can be lengthened to two years provided you meet the eligibility criteria. An additional means to apply for a Tier 1 UK visa is through the Sirius Program.
Tier 2 UK Visa: You need to attain a permanent position with a salary of at least £20,800 annually to apply for a tier 2 UK visa allowing you Stay back alternatives for up to 5 years.
Tier 5 UK Visa: This enables you to stay back and work in the UK for 12 to 24 months as a temporary.

In summary, the rules of staying back after completing overseas education vary from time to time. So it is proper to talk to a credible overseas education consultant before undertaking your journey. This will guarantee seamless protocols during and after your course in the foreign land of your dreams.

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