How To Sell Yourself As A Writer

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I was having a chat with a writer when he mentioned something. I had to pause for a minute; I gave it a thought and did a little survey: it was actually true. Most people look down on the writing profession because they feel like we can only earn peanuts from it. Is this true? Of course not!

Can you earn a living from writing?

Yes, of course! There are a million and one ways you can make money while writing. Here’s the gist…

  1. You can write articles for your business to attract more customers
  2. Or enter writing competitions to win prizes
  3. What about creating content as a social media manager
  4. Make money reviewing films, products, music and more.
  5. Write a book and sell it
  6. Create a blog and monetize it
  7. Become a copywriter.
  8. You can even become a freelance writer. Here are sites you can get writing jobs.

Now how can you market yourself as a writing professional?

  • First things first… be active on social media
  • Don’t just read posts and scroll, engage, give your opinion intelligently, share your ideas and network with people.

Join forums and writing communities

These online writing communities usually do writing competitions for a specific number of days. They leave it open for all the members and at the end, a prize or an award is given to the winners. Why not try it? 

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Have you tried guest blogging?

Most blog owners leave the blog open for guests to write and submit their articles. It’s not a paid approach but you’ll be recognized especially if you always submit original and unique contents. You could even be employed by someone who is impressed with your posts.

Create a portfolio

Maybe you’re already in the business of writing and you want to out yourself out there. You can create a portfolio of all your write ups and placed on your social media platforms. Check here for how to create my own portfolio.

Start a newsletter and email it out on a regular basis

If you have an existing business, for instance, you’re a fashion designer, go digital with your marketing. Who better to market your services than you? Create engaging contents and start a newsletter

Develop a platform for yourself where you showcase your writing talents, give opinions on trending topics too

Perfect your pitch

This is to prepare for when you you’ll be called upon to tell people who you are. If you’re an introvert and you’re scared of facing a crowd, you can learn how to talk online first. This isn’t quite as difficult as doing it in person. Introverts and partial introverts like me are very creative with written words, but may feel socially awkward sometimes.

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 If you are one, fear not! You can also be skilled at making real and deep connections with people. This is an extraordinary talent to have and it will help you build a reader and writer community.

Look for people online who like the things you write about, who share the same enthusiasm with your kind of TV programs, movies or books. Then bond with them over these favorite stories by following them online and commenting on their posts.

Find something in common. Don’t just retweet or Like a post – but reply and give feedback. Help people out with advice. Try to connect to one new persons every day.

Focus on your writing niche

If you are excellent at script writing and you want to delve into copywriting just because everyone is interested in it, you will be shortchanging yourself. Why not focus on your niche and grow your capacity in it. Meet with people who have built a career on your specialty and read a lot too. You can build a supportive network this way.

Don’t cower in fright like a bird because you’re scared of a little criticism. Come out! Stand out! You have the gift in you to weave up your words to form something beautiful.

We are waiting for you!

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