Quality Vs. Quantity: Which Would You Prefer?

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Choosing quality  over quantity

Sometimes, life’s valuable lessons are taught in the little occurrences. You just have to be sensitive enough to note them. It was bread I went to buy for breakfast. My initial intention was to buy the small ones which cost at most #120, since I had other financial plans. But I touched them and they were as hard as stone. No offence to local bread bakers, I just have to drive home my point.

Then the bread vendor encouraged me to buy the big one which cost about #350. I touched it and it was as soft as a baby’s bum (not as if I want to eat a baby’s bum though). I hesitated for a moment because I’ll definitely not finish it. Even when I don’t like to keep bread till the next day, I had to buy it. That was how I ended up spending more than I budgeted for breakfast, but for a good cause.


Which do you prefer? After a personal survey, I discovered that most women employ quantity when going to the market especially when they are cooking for a whole family. For instance, you want to buy tomatoes, the ones which are broken are a preferred choice. No one cares about the microorganisms which are not visible to the naked eye.


In business, it is not ethical but it has become a norm. Most vendors use quantity in business. But you must understand that if you own a business which provides services and products where the prime focus is quality and not quantity, you are bound to make a mark on the market. With time, you will realize that having merely a good number of customers will not help your business.

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 The real customers with a purpose and need for your products or services are the ones you should target. And this can happen by providing only quality products and services.

I experienced this when I started my zobo drink business. I realised that most zobo drink sellers dilute their drinks with water so that they can fill more containers and eventually make more profit. But a reduction in the taste of the drink due to the dilution kept pushing their customers to other sellers. You already know the result of actions such as this. 

Do you know how overjoyed you will feel when you get a satisfied and loyal customer? Satisfied customers always help you market your business by telling their families and friends about your brand. Now tell me why your business won’t enjoy a huge profit, expansion and huge customer base just by focusing on quality over quantity?

For example, if you are just starting up a your business that you have not yet established in the market. Your quality products will pave the way for you. We understand that this may take a long process but if you are consistent you focus on providing excellent quality services/products and also considering your client’s budget, you are bound to attract and retain more customers.

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Another important facet of life concerns healthy living. Earlier on, I illustrated with purchasing half rotten fruits or veggies from the market just because you want to get enough to last for a long time. It is very pertinent to know that health is wealth. It’s only the sick ones that have to spend money on drugs and treatments. Right? So why won’t you concentrate on eating healthy foods, fruits and vegetables. Cancel junk from your diet if you know what is good for you. You don’t have to finish the full cake, a slice is just enough. The number of years you will live will depend on what you put into your body due to your actions as it relates to quality food.

Another way you can have a quality lifestyle is when you exercise your body and mind. Even a walk up and down the stairs is enough to burn calories. Deliberately spend time doing activities that help you move your body. It is how much you get out of those hours of activities that matter. Be involved in various things that make you healthy AND happy.

Life isn’t about the ‘me’ syndrome, make a difference in someone’s life today. This leaves you with a priceless feeling, why not put it to a test now?

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