Ideas For Hot Topics To Write About

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Dear writer,

I can relate with those moments when you don’t know what to write about. I can totally  imagine how topics elude you and it seems there is nothing to write about. You are not alone. Lots of writers have gone through this. Sometimes, I even do research by typing ‘ ideas to get hot topics to write about’ , yet after scrolling through, i can’t seem to find a good enough topic and the cycle continues.

I’ll even confess that sometimes I get a topic but I somehow tell myself I’m not a professional in that field. So I abort mission.

But there is something you need to know: every writer has something to say about any topic whatsoever. Be it in medicine, law, engineering, health benefits of plants, software engineering, programming, coding, etc. Now how do I know this?

It’s because we are readers too!  We do a lot of reading even on topics alien to us. We have this inquisitive nature to be knowledgeable and that’s why we can write.

But the subject matter of this article is a never ending occurrence, which is why I’m going to give you some ideas to aid you on this journey through your writing career. So here goes:


  • Research on what’s trending right now
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Do you know trending topics are a sizzling read? This is because everyone would be interested in it at that moment. It’s one way of getting a lot of traffic on your blog or website.

  • Write a sequel to a former post

This helps you flow with your write ups and eases the tension when you are operating with a deadline.

  • Write about your childhood experience

Everyone has something exciting to share about their childhood. Even if you think it’s not, that’s the more reason why you should write about it. There’s something in there that would be very valuable to someone and even help in raising your own children.

  • Write about travel experiences you’ve had

With your write ups on places you’ve been in, you afford people an opportunity to get to know places they have never been to.

  • Write about a song you love

Every song has an origin, you just have to find it, dig into the lyrics and use it.

  • What about your opinions on certain topics?

It’s a norm that no two persons have the same opinion on a particular topic. The beauty of humanity is that you can express your opinion as well as the other person.

  • You can write about how you overcame failure
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A lot of persons have chickened out of life because they’ve experienced failure either in academics or life generally. Your write ups could be the inspiration someone needs to get that final push.

  • Even fiction is an option.

You can weave up captivating stories for your audience. Stories of love, vengeance, hatred, emotional  distress, aftermath of war in villages, etc. It’s not what you write about that really matters. You can write about life in the moon, a serial killer on rampage, or a woman who believes she’s a man. The subject isn’t actually the important part. What really matters is how you tell the story.

Other great topic ideas are:

  1. Challenges of teens in the society today
  2. Adult life: what our parents didn’t tell us
  3. The strange dream
  4. Advantages of bicycles
  5. Benefits of walking
  6. Downsides of living alone
  7. Is there any benefit of eating junk food?
  8. Love reports: why does he treat me like a child?
  9. Why do I have heart burn after eating beans?
  10. Fashion blunders in the industry today

I hope with these few ideas, you can creatively draft out something. What are you waiting for? You can start writing now!

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