Should April Fool’s Day Be Encouraged?

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It was April 1st and we were in Primary 4. We were starry eyed teenagers and it was a day to catch some fun. We only did what we’ve come to know as a norm on a day such as this and we were eventually punished for it. But who told us that we could do it with a teacher? Who told us she would find it funny?

She was sitting at her desk and we yelled that there was a snake under her table. She jumped so suddenly and the next thing we knew, she was at the door screaming fire and brimstone on noticing that we just made a fool out of her. It was a cruel prank and we were sorry.  But the scar from her cane still graces my arm.

Jokes and pranks are played by most people on April Fool’s day. The victims are called April Fools. People playing April Fool jokes expose their prank by shouting April Fool. Playing pranks is one significant aspect of April 1st. Critics have a lot to say about this particular day. There has been both positive and negative reactions to this. Surely the positive ones point to the fact that laughter releases tension and brings about stress relief. This of course is good for everyone’s health.

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But the victim most times, don’t find it amusing. Especially since it plays on their intelligence. Of course, laughing at someone’s expense is not funny; so they take it seriously.

Sometimes, it leads to more dangerous situations. I’ve seen where people get into harm’s way while running away from the supposed prank. Persons who couldn’t deal with the shock had heart attacks. And it’s not usually the intention of the pranksters to cause harm but it just happens.

Also, April fool hoaxes are nasty and manipulative. You have to know the difference between good and bad jokes. Don’t mess with anyone’s emotions by announcing that a family member or friend is dead. What kind of joy would it possibly give you to watch someone cry? I repeat, don’t joke about the death of someone.

It is always good to take into consideration the kind of relationship you have with someone before you make a fool out of them. Imagine having to play a prank with a co worker who’s somehow connected with your employer and it caused certain damages. You can be sure that you’d be losing that job.

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You also have to think it through before executing that prank. Spontaneous jokes tend to go awry. Some appear harmless but turn out to be a bad idea. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back the hands of time when it has occurred.


  • Don’t play pranks on a driver who’s behind a wheel.
  • Don’t place gags at the top of the stairs.
  • Watch out if the person is close to any sharp objects.
  • Make sure there’s no potential hazard around the environment.
  • You may be a target for someone’s prank, so you need to be alert. For more tips to ensure safety, read: how to avoid potential hazards on April Fool’s day.

It’s true that we all need to relax and live life to the fullest, but you we also need to be careful in making jokes. Don’t throw caution to the wind, anyone can be a victim.

Have you tricked someone already? If you haven’t, make use of safety tips today.

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