Interesting Strategies To Make Huge Profits From The Sale Of Zobo Drink

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I am aware that almost every one knows how to make zobo drinks. How do I know? Just go to the market or public places, you’ll see zobo drinks in used containers being sold to every Tom, Dick and Harry. This has become a norm but do you know you can make this business more intriguing?

Let’s go on…

Zobo drink is a sweetened drink made from leaves of a plant known as Hibiscus sabdarriffa. It is a herb that is popularly drunk in in many parts of the world. It is highly nutritious and served at weddings, parties, birthdays, schools, naming ceremonies etc.

INTERESTING FACT: The word “Zobo” was coined by the Hausa tribesmen of Nigeria.

Before starting this business, you have to consider the following strategies:

Your Branding
When I began this article, I pointed out what has become the typical bottling strategy you see in the every day market. We all know that one of the things that sell in this age is “PACKAGING”, it is what makes the difference.

Why? If you evaluate yourself, you know that you’ll easily make sure you are buying your money’s worth when it comes to the outlook of certain brands.

So you have to properly brand your product with a new bottle and your brand name.

WORD OF ADVICE? To make more profit, buy the raw ingredients in bulk when preparing for production.

The Taste Of Your Product
Another important characteristic to consider is the taste of your zobo drink. If you have ever taken a product that doesn’t taste well, you will understand what I mean. I remember eating a scotched egg that had an almost rotten egg inside, I bet you it was bad.

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So to avoid this, you have to make sure you put all vital ingredients in the right portion for your zobo drink to taste nice.

Hygiene or Cleanliness
This topic about hygiene cannot be overemphasized. Who wants to be eating or drinking something that would give them ill health? People will completely avoid any drink that causes a running stomach or has dirt particles in it.

If someone takes your product and it gives a long lasting feeling of contentment. Then you are sure to get an additional customer to your list of loyal ones.
Note that when making your Zobo, don’t use saccharine in stead of sweetener.

Your Consistency In Supplying Your Products
Do not start the production of a delightful Zobo drink today and tomorrow you stop. Or produce quality drinks today and dilute with water tomorrow, just to make more. No! Ensure that you are consistent with quality and quantity.

Stand Out In Your Production
Do a market survey to know what other zobo drink producers are doing. This will help you know what to do to make a good difference. For instance:
Like I earlier mentioned, many people do not sell branded Zobo; rather they sell the ones in already used bottle of established drinks such as Pepsi, Fanta, table water etc. Here, you have to use a unique bottle with your brand on it.

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You know how this particular drink can get spoilt if kept for longer than its shelf life. Normally, we keep food items in the refrigerator to preserve them. And that’s the first way you can keep it from going bad. Not just in the refrigerator, but in the coldest part of it, and keep it till you want to consume it. Ensure that you have constant electricity for this to work.

Natural Preservatives
Various natural spices can help you increase the life of your product by stopping fermentation. Especially, If you add spices such as garlic or ginger. You can also add nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, or lime in moderate quantities.

• Zobo drink helps to lower blood pressure.
• Zobo drink has vitamin C which helps to boost your immune system.
• The leaves contain nutrients such as carotene, riboflavin, calcium, niacin, and iron which are highly medicinal.
• It aids in easy digestion.
• It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
• It aids in the relief of menstrual cramps.
Zobo drink helps in speeding weight loss when taken without additions.
• Zobo tea can be used as supplement in treating cold.
• It helps in reducing depression.
• It can be used to dye cloths.
• It can be used as an ornamental plant.

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