Popular Musician “Flavour, ask women to stop the waist trainers deceit

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Mainstream vocalist, Chinedu Okoli, otherwise known as Flavor N’abania, has communicated disappointment over the manner in which some Nigerian ladies misdirect men with midsection mentors and altered pictures via web-based media.

He expressed this during an ongoing Instagram Live meeting with his fans, noticing that the functions of the previous scarcely any months had helped him to rebuild himself. He stated, “This has been a period of calm reflection. I have been helpless and I have chosen to be consistent with myself. I have been a casualty of condition. Most occasions, they (ladies) are not what you expect when you meet them, all things considered. I am centered at this point. In the event that I visit your (online media) page and see a ton of altered pictures, I would move out. The Covid and everything else that have happened for the current year have opened my eyes. Similar way young people chose to challenge awful administration was a similar way I took a gander at my life. I have been womanless for a month. I am completely wakeful. I should have a gathering and see you (any lady I would be engaged with) great. I may look through your photos however that won’t mean anything until I see you truly. I have changed my hairdo. I am prepared at this point. Do you know what it implies for me to be womanless for an entire month? I have been taking care of and giving my body the necessary supplements, so any lady I interact with now should be justified, despite all the trouble.” The vocalist likewise denied the reports getting out and about that he had furtively got hitched. He added, “Did I show you any spouse? You folks are giving me (high) pulse. What is in a lady isn’t yet obvious to me. Some let me know, ‘I thought you are hitched’. To get hitched is a wonderful thing. Notwithstanding, I would prefer not to get hitched now and still be looking outside.

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I have a place with the wild world and I can’t be confined. I have utilized the occasion to rethink my life. I am an extremely resilient man. I can’t be misled by Instagram.” He added that on the off chance that he was dating the woman being referred to and they were tied in with getting cozy, he would have been disillusioned at seeing the abdomen coach. He likewise whined about the make-up worn by women, saying it had gotten disturbing.

The dad of three educated ladies to consistently be pleased concerning their bodies and stop the misdirection

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