Relocation Job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship in 2023

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Good news! Here’s another amazing Job opening in Canada if you are interested in relocation. An opportunity for you to apply for a Relocation job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship in 2023.

These kind of jobs are the type that are in demand in Canada. Especially in locations that are still not developed. A good instance of such jobs in Canada are for Farm workers. Why should you consider this?

Research has shown that the average farm worker’s salary in Canada is $29,256 per year or $15 per hour.

Also, no formal education and no age restriction is needed for farm workers. Applicants do not also need any previous experience to apply for this relocation job in Canada with Visa sponsorship in 2023.

Applications can come from India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada UAE (United Arab Emirates), Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. In other words, any nationality can apply.

Benefits of application

  • Accommodation will be provided at $30.00 per week.
  • Relocation support such as airfare
  • First three months of medical insurance if required.
  • Visa Sponsorship.

Job Responsibility of a Farm Worker

Mostly, farm workers in Canada are required to cultivate and harvest crops, rear livestock and poultry; maintain and amend farm equipment and buildings.

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This unit also comprises operators of farm machinery which are utilized on the crop, livestock, fruit, vegetable, and specialty farms.

What the Farm Worker will be expected to do.

Farm workers will be assigned the following:

  • Plant, fertilize, cultivate, spray, irrigate and harvest crops
  • Feed and tend livestock and poultry
  • Milk cows
  • Fruit tree pruner
  • Fruit pickers
  • Fruit packers
  • Fruit farm laborers
  • Fruit harvesters
  • Perform or assist in performing breeding activities of farm animals
  • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment
  • Follow food safety and security and animal bio-security procedures
  • Detect disease and health problems in crops, livestock, and poultry
  • Examine produce for quality and prepare it for market
  • Set and monitor water lines, airflow, and temperature in barns, pens, and chicken coops


List of Farm Jobs in Canada with free Visa Sponsorship

For farmers, Canada will give ample support and sponsorship. But this is based on following the steps below:

  • Apply for a farm worker Job in Canada that gives visa sponsorship.
  • You will get an email or reply from the worker about the selection or rejection.
  • Then they will direct you and assist you with the Invitation Letter, Type of Visa
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LocationAvailable jobsLinks
Farm Worker Jobs in Alberta38APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in British Columbia159APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Canada697APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Manitoba25APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in New Brunswick10APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador7APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Nova Scotia18APPLY NOW
Farm Worker Jobs in Ontario219APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Prince Edward Island10APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Québec177APPLY HERE
Farm Worker Jobs in Saskatchewan31APPLY HERE


Job Bank Canada Farm Jobs

A lot of Farm worker Jobs in Canada are open in Job Bank Canada.

How to Apply: Visit and apply at: (The Filters are selected by default)


P&H Farming Company Jobs in Canada

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is a Canadian family-owned business at the fore of the agricultural business. They have over 1,500 employees.

This agriculture industry in Canada is vast with 2.1 million workers in the agriculture sector, as documented by the Government of Canada. 

Join P&H Farming Jobs and while applying Select “Yes, You need Visa Sponsorship to work in Canada”. They are always looking for workers.

How to Apply for P&H Farming Jobs in Canada: 

Aramark Food Jobs in Canada

This job is in the customer service industry across food, facilities, wherever people work, learn, recover, and play. Now, it has 270,000 employees.

The company do not segregate on the rationale of race, color, religion, national origin, age. International applicants can apply for the Jobs in Aramark.

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