Study in Australia: Fully Funded Melbourne Graduate Research Training Scholarship

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The Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship and Research Training Program is a prestigious award offered by the University of Melbourne in Australia to support outstanding graduate research students. It provides financial assistance to cover full tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of the recipient’s graduate research program. The scholarship is highly competitive and awarded based on academic merit, research potential, and the alignment of the applicant’s research with the university’s strategic priorities.

Recipients also benefit from access to research funding, professional development opportunities, and a vibrant academic community. Overall, the Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship aims to nurture talented individuals and facilitate groundbreaking research that contributes to global knowledge and innovation.

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About the Fully Funded Melbourne Graduate Research Training Scholarship

  • Study in: Australia
  • Institution: University of Melbourne
  • Academic year: 2024/25
  • Open to: All Nationalities
  • For: Masters Degree
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • No application is required. You will be automatically considered for this award.
  • Total Value: 100% fee remission and up to $135,000
  • Number of scholarships awarded: Approximately 600
  • Deadline: October 31st

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Benefits of the Melbourne Graduate Research Training Scholarship

The scholarship has the following benefits: 

  • Full Tuition: The scholarship program offers a comprehensive support package, encompassing full coverage of tuition fees for the entirety of the Master’s by Research program, spanning up to two years, or for doctoral studies, extending up to four years. This financial assistance aims to alleviate the burden of educational expenses, allowing students to focus wholeheartedly on their research pursuits and academic endeavors.
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  • Living Allowance: As part of this scholarship, recipients will receive a generous living stipend amounting to $37,000 annually, adjusted to the 2024 full-time study rate. This stipend is disbursed pro rata over the duration of the program, catering to both Master’s by Research candidates for up to two years and doctoral students for a period extending up to 3.5 years. Moreover, this living allowance encompasses additional benefits, including provisions for limited paid sick leave, maternity leave, and parenting leave, ensuring that students have the necessary support to navigate both their academic and personal commitments. Furthermore, there is potential for annual indexation to account for any changes in living costs, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the stipend’s value throughout the duration of the scholarship.

  • Relocation Assistance: The scholarship program offers relocation assistance. For students relocating from states or territories within Australia, a relocation grant of $2000 is provided, while those moving from overseas are eligible for a higher grant of $3000. This financial support aims to alleviate the financial strain associated with moving expenses, enabling students to seamlessly integrate into their new environment and focus on their academic pursuits with minimal distractions.

  • Health Coverage: In addition to the financial support provided, the scholarship program also ensures the well-being of international students by offering Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership. This comprehensive health insurance coverage is tailored specifically for students requiring a visa to study in Australia, providing them with access to essential healthcare services.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Schwarzman Scholarship Program

To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Prospective candidates are considered eligible if they have successfully submitted an application for and meet all the necessary requirements for enrollment in a graduate research degree program at the esteemed University of Melbourne.
  1.  Alternatively, eligibility extends to individuals who are presently enrolled in a graduate research degree program at the University of Melbourne.
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Application Process for the Schwarzman Scholarship Program 

For New Applicants:

If you are a new student who has applied for a graduate research course before the application closing date, you will automatically be included in the consideration pool for Graduate Research Scholarships. Within ten business days of submitting your course application, you will receive a notification confirming that a scholarship application has been added to your record.

For Deferred Commencement Applicants:

In the event that you have accepted an offer for a graduate research course but opted to defer commencement to potentially qualify for a scholarship, you must complete and submit an online application form by 31 October for consideration in the subsequent academic year. Upon submission of the online form, expect to receive a notification within ten business days confirming the addition of a scholarship application to your record.

For Current Enrolled students Seeking Scholarships:

If you are presently enrolled in a graduate research course and are pursuing a scholarship opportunity, you’re required to submit an online application form by 31 October to be considered for the following academic year’s scholarships. Following the submission of your online form, anticipate receiving a notification within ten business days confirming the addition of your scholarship application to your record.


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