Study in Switzerland: Fully Funded Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program

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This Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program is provided by ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The scholarship and Opportunity program encompasses a comprehensive package designed to support international students throughout their Master’s journey. It includes a generous scholarship to cover both living expenses and study-related costs, amounting to CHF 12,000 per semester. Additionally, recipients benefit from a tuition fee waiver, alleviating financial burdens associated with their academic pursuits.

The Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program is granted for the entire standard duration of the Master’s program, spanning either three or four semesters, depending on the specific curriculum. This duration also extends to the tuition fee waiver, ensuring continuous financial assistance throughout the academic year.


It is important to note that only ETH Bachelor students have the opportunity to commence their  Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program journey while on a leave of absence, providing them with flexibility in managing their academic and personal commitments.

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About the Fully Funded  Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program

  • Study in: Switzerland 
  • Institution: ETH Zurich 
  • Academic year: 2024/25
  • Open to: All Nationalities
  • For: Undergraduate and Masters Degree
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • Total Value: Covers full tuition and a monthly stipend of CHF 12,000
  • Number of scholarships awarded: Approximately 60
  • Deadline: November 30th 2024

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Benefits of the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program

The scholarship provides benefits tailored to support international students throughout their academic journey

  • Full Tuition Coverage: Recipients of the scholarship program will enjoy the advantage of complete tuition fee coverage for the entire duration of the Master’s program, spanning four semesters. This comprehensive financial support aims to alleviate the financial strain associated with educational expenses, enabling students to dedicate their full attention to research and academic pursuits.
  • Generous Living Allowance: In addition to tuition coverage, recipients will receive a substantial living stipend of CHF 12,000 per semester. This generous allowance further enhances the scholarship’s support framework, ensuring that students can comfortably meet their living expenses while pursuing their studies.

Eligibility Criteria for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program

To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Achieving an outstanding performance in the Bachelor’s degree program, ranking within the top 10% (equivalent to grade A), demonstrating exceptional academic prowess.
  2. Applicant must ensure your availability and accessibility via the telephone number provided in your CV. This is crucial as the selection process may involve telephone or video conference interviews, particularly scheduled for February.
  3. Applicants currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program at ETH Zurich or already possess a Master’s degree, are not eligible for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program.
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Application Documents  for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program

In addition to the standard documents required for Master’s admission, applicants must also submit a pre-proposal outlining their intended Master’s thesis topic. This pre-proposal, available for download with detailed guidelines, should be an original piece of work developed by the applicants themselves and adhere to established scientific citation practices.

It is essential to emphasize that any form of plagiarism or the inclusion of inaccurate information, whether intentional or due to negligence, will result in disqualification from the admission process. Furthermore, if such misconduct is discovered at a later stage, it may lead to the revocation of admission and forfeiture of any associated scholarships.

For applicants whose study program does not explicitly request references, it is mandatory to provide the names of two reference persons, preferably professors, as part of the application. These individuals will be contacted by the system via email to submit a reference letter on behalf of the applicant.

Application Process for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program

To be considered for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program Scholarship, it is essential to submit your application during the initial application window after submitting an application for your master’s degree program.

The Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program application is facilitated through eApply, the online Master application platform. This requirement also extends to ETH Bachelor students applying for a consecutive Master’s program.


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  1. Am really impressed with everything i read above and i can’t wait to apply for this programme so that i can benefit from it

  2. I went through everything and I was impressed but the only question I have is that can I still apply for the scholarship and gain all the benefits as an undergraduate student?

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