The Attitude You Need For A Successful Business

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I shared a street scenario about a girl hawking a tray of fish on her head, who couldn’t hide her displeasure with the way an interested buyer beckoned to her by calling her, ‘fish’. It was a rather funny moment as I wondered why she’d react that way towards a potential buyer.

After surveying opinions, I’d love to address it as it’s a crucial aspect of our existence as humans. It affects our relationship with people especially since it has to do with doing business.

It has become a norm in Nigeria; at least I witness it every day. People refer to street hawkers or peddlers with what they are selling. The most common one is ‘pure water’. What about funny ones like, ‘cockroach killer’,  or even ‘rat poison’. Imagine having to be called these just because you’re selling them, quite hilarious, isn’t it?

This is why I feel the pain of the fish seller in our story. Maybe it’s not something which sits well with her, or maybe someone upset her before she left the house.

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But as much as we all have this innate need to be addressed respectfully, we need to consider having a positive attitude towards everything. Bad situations arise to disorganize our mood most times, but we shouldn’t let it affect our business. Come to think of it, how are you going to sell all your products and services if you react to every negative word or action towards you?

It is not our prayers or plans to have an unsuccessful business, God forbid! Yet again, it’s not only by praying for your business to prosper( I’ve witnessed long prayer sessions in shops and in the market just before they open for the day, yet are rude towards customers afterwards). We also have to cultivate a positive attitude for ourselves and for our potential customers.

Doing this helps you see opportunities rather than limitations. When you have a positive attitude, you view the world as a welcoming and friendly place and you expect, recognize and grab opportunities as they come to you. Just imagine our fish seller scenario, if she would just try to look for the opportunity in that buyer’s interest by responding sweetly, who knows? She might have sold all her fish in one go.

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If you’re negative then it’s easy to view the world as your enemy and everything as a problem or limitation. Being positive makes a huge difference in your success.

A positive attitude attracts customers to you, whether they call you by your goods or not. It makes them want to do business with you, you not only get more customers, you make friends. Having business relationships isn’t the end of the road, we all need each other.

How can you cultivate a positive outlook towards your business?

Learn to look on the bright side! Whatever happens, always ask yourself, how can I turn this around for my good?

Learn to be conscious of your thoughts and eliminate the negatives.

What are you selling today?

Hope this helps?

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