What I Discovered About Smiling

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Overtime, I’ve seen people put captions under their smiling faces saying that they should probably be considered for toothpaste adverts, that’s because on those adverts, a smiling face showing a white set of teeth is required to attract people to their brand. Of course it works like magic, you know why?

If you don’t smile, those cute set of teeth won’t show. I don’t mean maniacal or fake smile, just a normal genuine one please.

Growing up, I had mastered going around with a straight face. Not because smiling was difficult for me but because I became used to keeping a straight face. Worse, I saw nothing wrong with it.

 Persons were scared to approach me until I started taking the first step to establish friendships; then they would confess how my facial expressions talked to them, often putting a wall between me and others.

I had to deliberately practice smiling one day and here’s what I discovered…

  • Smiling isn’t just about when something good has happened to you. You’ll agree with me that certain disappointing situations cause sadness and depression. If we continue responding to how we feel during moments like that, we would find out that we’d keep having a gloomy mood. And you know the cycle never ends; life is not a bed of roses. So what do you do? Your guess is as good as mine…just smile!
  • Have you ever taken time to observe how people smile back when you do? It’s because the very act of smiling is infectious. It’s so magical. And It’s also a very good way to spread love. Someone might be going through a really bad day. How do you even start talking when you’ve not lubricated the atmosphere for further encouraging words? You can save someone’s life just by doing this. Why don’t you try it? Just smile!
  • Smiling is free therapy. Studies have shown that smiling boosts levels of serotonin, even when it is forced. Serotonin is a natural stress reducer in the brain. You know the results of stressful situations. This sometimes lead to health challenges like high blood pressure and heart attacks. Not that troubles go away all at once, but smiling paves the way to free your mind enough to come back and strategically seek ways to make it better. It may take just few muscles to smile, every little thing counts. Just smile!
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Now that you know why smiling is good for you, it’s also important that we address things that would hinder you from doing it…so let’s go!

I know a friend who’s always concerned about the colour of his teeth. There are those who hide away just because they don’t have a ‘perfect set of teeth’.  Some persons think it makes them unattractive. Some have even gone the extra mile by doing a dental surgery, some of which have led to much worse complications. Some of those who fix braces are also on this category. Smiling definitely won’t come naturally to them if they don’t accept the way they look.

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One cannot work without the other. So you must also take care of your teeth. Below are ways to achieve this:

  1. Brush at least twice a day; remember not to use a tooth brush too hard for your gums. Avoid over brushing;
  2.  Don’t take extremely cold or hot substances;
  3.  Avoid too much sweets, chocolate and candies;
  4. Eat healthy; fruits and vegetables come in handy too;
  5. Remember calcium? It’s good for your teeth and bones;
  6. Floss regularly;
  7. Visit the dentist for cleaning and routine check up.

I hope this has spoken to you in more ways than one?

It was Chad Sugg who said,

“If you’re reading this… Congratulations, you’re alive. If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is.”

What are you waiting for?

Common, let’s see those pearly whites!

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