The Dangers Of Using Felvin For Menstrual Pains

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Wazobia tossed and turned on her king sized bed. She was so restless and she felt angry. Grabbing her phone, she saw that it was 2am. She hadn’t slept much throughout the night. Thoughts of how busy she would be in the office today was like a weight on her mind. What could be wrong with her?

She closed her eyes once more and tried to shut down her wandering mind, to no avail. Worse still, there was a niggling discomfort on her abdomen. It’s been there for hours and was becoming a cause for concern. Maybe it’s the worms, she thought as she silently rubbed it.

She opened her eyes and realized that it was dawn already. Frantically reaching for her phone, she saw that it was 6am already.

Shit! She swore as she put aside her sea of blue sheets and duvet; and rushed to climb down her mountainous bed.

She halted for a second… what’s that red doing on my blue waves? Carefully inspecting it, she discovered…

Blood stain!

At first, she was a bit disoriented. She wasn’t expecting it till the day after tomorrow. Recalling her day’s activities, she hissed deeply.

While on her knees, she sprang for her little cabinet by the side of the bed. She needed her magic pill to deal with the increasing cramps.

Can today get any better? She thought angrily. She couldn’t find her pills. Now she had to endure till she got out of the house.

Quickly saying, ‘thank you Jesus’, she rushed out of the bedroom to have her bath. She’ll have to wash the bed sheets after work. Time wasn’t on her side. She knew how painful her cramps could be.

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30 minutes later, she was almost in tears as she dashed out of her car to the pharmacy. She got the Felvin and dashed back to the car. Uncapping a bottled water, she popped 2 capsules inside her mouth and swallowed.

Still in the parking lot, she let herself relax for few minutes so that the pills would start working.

Satisfied, she heaved a sigh of relief. Her Felvin always worked like magic, now she could work today without any hindrances.


Getting home at the end of the day, she sighed contentedly. She had a gloriously stressful day. Her tampon must be filled by now, she thought. Her shock came when she saw only a small patch of stain. What could be going on? She usually had heavy flows on the first day, what could have gone wrong?


Are you a lady and you’re on this boat? This post is for you…

 We know how painful menstrual cramps could be for some of us. The above story clearly portray what most women have to go through every month of every year until menopause.

Some women have resolved to keep taking pills to escape the pain without checking for side effects.

Aside from the side effects of taking most pills, Felvin has a tendency to reduce or stop menstrual flow.

After observing this, I consulted several sources and these were my findings…

  • Felvin reduces menstrual pains by hindering the process that brings about the pain during menstruation.
  • It reduces the flow because it lowers the production of certain chemicals (prostaglandins) which make the womb contract and release more blood out of the womb. So, it is expected that one may have a reduction in flow after using felvin.

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You will agree with me that this should be a huge NO for every lady so as to avoid complications when you’re trying to conceive. Below are alternative remedies to help with menstrual pain.


  1. Exercise frequently:

 Studies have found that physical activity may ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

  • Using Heat:

Soaking in a hot bath or using a heating pad, hot water bottle or placing a heated towel on your lower abdomen may ease menstrual cramps.

  • Drink water:

Keep yourself hydrated with water. If you can’t drink plain water, you can infuse it with fruits like cucumber, etc for a better taste. Remember water isn’t just good for this, it’s also essential for your general health.

  • Avoid sugar or any processed food or drink containing sugar
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure: An acupuncturist can use needles to help reduce pains. Study articles or meet with professionals to help with this kind of therapy.  Applying pressure to key points on the back, abdomen, feet, and the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger can be effective treatments for pain.
  • Sleep:

Do you notice that when you’re asleep while having    cramps, you hardly feel any pain? Good sleep hygiene is an effective way to achieve this. Avoid the TV, phone and other screens just before bed time. Listen to soothing music if you’re a fan.

While doing all these to help with the cramps, if you notice anything extraordinary about your flow, you should see a doctor for better explanation and possible treatment.

I hope this helped?

Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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  1. I have been taking felvin for many years now (I’m in my earlier 20s)and it it really affecting my flow it comes very light,dark and stops at the 2-3day .I am so worried dat it could affect my fertility when I get married.but the cramps is killing if I dnt take it please am worried

  2. I noticed the side effects of felvin and stopped using it and since then I’ve been experiencing heavy flows…
    Tho the pain is much but I do help myself with exercises and hot water.

  3. I just heard about felvin not quite long, and I’ve been using it for my menstrual cramps, I’m just reading about the side effects now, although I’m through with child bearing.

  4. Felvin has been my cramp relieved for many years now, at first I told myself it’s high time I stop taking it because of the side effects I read online but the pains were always unbearable, so I had to continue using it, recently I noticed my period doesn’t flow like it used to, I hope it won’t affect me when it’s time to conceive?

  5. I always have cramp and heavy flow during my period. I have to go to pharmacy to make a complaint and I was given felvin. The cramp stop but I notice I have low flow in my bleeding. I normally use it anytime I have cramp but not every month. Even now that am typing I just sent my younger sister to get it for me coz the pain is too much for me. I hope it’s wouldn’t affect me when am ready to conceive.

  6. I have taken a lot of felvin for years now and am finding difficulty getting pregnant now, have taken a lot of fertility drugs but not working what should I do

  7. I have been taking felvin from the first day I started menstruating, and its really affecting me now. my blood doesn’t flow as normal. sometimes it comes only 1 day. but since I started drinking ginger tea with felvin, my period is flowing normal.

  8. I used felvin for years now I notice I only flow for two days it stops and after like 1 to 2 days I notice some drop again and I have been trying to conceive but to no avail

  9. I recently started using felvin and I take one or two on the first day of my period. It really helps me alot for my menstrual cramps
    But am scared of having any side effects

  10. I stopped taking felvin for about 5 months now..I deal with my menstrual cramps by taking warm water and fruits tho it’s not so effect as felvin**..cos I noticed that the moment I take felvin,the pains ceases immediately,then my flow becomes really mild…

  11. Someone just told me about it and when I was not using it the pain is too much and only a little blood that comes out the first day without taking anything then the second day will be finish the fourth day or third day

  12. i observed my period never gets to the third day before it stops and i was told it the result of constant use of felvin
    but this drugs works rapidly
    have tried other drugs but not working as felvin
    am woried bcus the pain i feel during my period is worsrt

  13. Have been using felvin for the past 10 years now and it doesn’t reduce my flow, I use just 2 throughout my period but I don’t use it everytime on my period, I use paracetamol sometimes

  14. Mine works very well for me but it is scary cus normally I bleed for 5 to 6 days but when I take Felvin, it becomes 2.5 to 3 days! I try to not take it at every cycle but sometimes, I have things to do and can’t bear the pain.

  15. I’ve been taking Felvin and paracetamol for years now I’ve not really noticed and shortness of flow, all I’m noticing now is that it no longer stops the pain, instead it just reduces it for sometime then the pain comes back and doesn’t go away until my period is over

  16. I take felvin it doesnt stop my flow it only reduces cramps instantly. In fact my blood flows normal. I take just one capsule every month and that settles it.

  17. Each time I start my period I roll on the ground through out the day and even vomit until I get better. I got to know about felvin and it helped, after some time I discovered the best way and time to use it is about 2 or 3 days to your period. And ensure you use just two pieces only throughout the 4 to 5days and manage the little pain. Don’t use more. This way it works properly and it’s safe, also the blood flows normal. That’s what I do and it’s been really helpful. Just ensure you take note of the date you are expecting your period to commence

  18. Have always use felvin ahead of my monthly flow so as to reduced the cramps, but the effects of the felvin has affected me and have not been seeing my monthly flow for the past three months

  19. Have always use felvin ahead of my monthly flow so as to reduced the cramps, but the effects of the felvin has affected me and have not been seeing my monthly flow for the past three months

  20. I am just hearing abut this now
    I haven’t noticed any side effect yet but I feel whenever I used it the pain stopped Buh I dont have heavy flow just 3 day ad I don’t know if it is normal

  21. I use felvin up to three times a day,because of how deadly my menstrual cramps can be,its just that sometimes the flow ceased.i’m tired of using the drug because it doesn’t work like before and my menstrual cramps is affecting me seriously,like I can’t even go on with my day activity,it looks like the cramps is killing me,i end up crying all day,unable to sleep,restless,sweaty,please help me…

  22. Yez it reduces the production of prostaglandin which help the endometrium shred it lining( that is comes out as period)

    For a short you feel good; long term those lining that was not allowed to come out thickens your endometrium which leads to Endomerial hyperplasia.

  23. I do take felvin
    But whenever I take it,my flow will seize for a day, not only that but coming out just a drop

  24. It’s true ,
    I noticed that anytime I take felvin to my period pain my period will not flow normal again, sometime I will be on one pad from morning till evening only small thing will drop and your period will stop coming for a day getting to the next day it will start dropping again.

  25. I take felvin every month of my menstrual period and now i have stomach ulcer and body itching. I was told at the hospital that it’s bcos of long term use of felvin and it shouldn’t be used for a long time if you want to conceive.

  26. Felvin has being my cramp relieved for many years now, but recently I think it’s doesn’t work has it’s use too anymore, am now feeling pains but my bleeding has reduced alot. Am always scared when it’s my time of the month because it’s always affect my day to day activities

  27. I normally take felvin to stop menstrual pain but it doesn’t reduce my flow rather it make it flow easily for good 5days

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