Countries Which Require A Travel Visa

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Travel Visa, also called an entry visa, authorizes you to enter into a foreign country for a specific period. There are several foreign countries where visa is not required for you to visit. Some that do require an entry visa issue it upon the visitor’s arrival.

If and when you need a visa depends on your destination and the type of visa you need whether for tourism, business, work, study, transit or permanent residence.

You are aware that a travel visa is one of the foreign entry prerequisites for the places you plan to visit, so you need to procure it from the proper embassy or consulate office. Most foreign consular representatives are located in major cities in the United States such as New York, Houston and Los Angeles(that is if you are in the US). There are a large number of embassies in Washington, DC.

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Some countries allow you to apply for a visa by mail while others require a physical appearance.

If you choose to apply by mail, you need to give enough time to process the application. Note that, as soon as you receive your travel visa, check it to make sure no mistakes were made. Errors can cause problems at ports of entry and should be rectified before you travel. On this note, here is a list of countries that require a travel visa.

• Brazil
• China
• India
• Kenya
• Myanmar
• Philippines
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• Thailand
• Vietnam
• Afghanistan
• Algeria
• Angola
• Australia
• Azerbaijan
• Bahrain
• Bangladesh
• Belarus
• Benin
• Bhutan
• Bolivia
• Burkina Faso
• Burundi Faso
• Cambodia
• Cameroon
• Cape Verde
• Republic of Congo
• Croatia
• Djibouti
• Egypt
• Eritrea
• Ethiopia
• Gabon
• Gambia
• Ghana
• Guinea
• Indonesia
• Iraq
• Jordan
• Kazakhstan
• Laos
• Madagascar
• Mongolia
• Mozambique
• Nepal
• Nigeria
• Pakistan
• Paraguay
• Sierra Leone
• Suriname
• Syria
• Taiwan
• Tajikistan
• Tanzania
• Turkey
• Ukraine
• Uganda
• Uzbekistan
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe

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