5 ways to make your crush fall for you

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We’ve all been there, at some point in our lives, whether as kids, teenagers or even adults, there’s that one guy or girl that we fancy and get clumsy or nervous around. Sometimes, we laugh hard at their boring jokes, they make us dizzy and light-headed. We feel butterflies swirling mercilessly in our stomachs at the sight of them and they cause our hearts to flutter and then pound ever so hard in our chest when they even manage to throw us so much as a glance or a small smile.

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No kidding! 🙁

It’s bad enough that everyone else around us knows that we like this person except obviously the person. This can be so frustrating especially when they are single or worse if they aren’t available and you feel they can do better than the person they are with. Of course that would be us no doubt.

So how then do you make your crush fall hopelessly in love with you without looking desperate or like you’re trying too hard?

Pretty easy, all you got to do is try these simple tricks and you’ll get them eating right out of your hand and making stupid love faces at you in no time.

Disclaimer: This works nearly all the time, emphasis on “nearly” and helps to stoke the flames of romance.

According to Robert Green, the author of The 48 laws of Power, the third law – Conceal your intentions says, “Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions.” The art of seduction is a power play and every step has to be planned and executed with the utmost attention to detail and nuance.

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  1. Become a close friend: For a little while, forget you want to date this person, slowly try to get close to him or her, get them to notice you (make sure he or she is alone at first and strike an intelligent conversation or make a bold move to get their attention while totally ignoring them), be a friend – just a friend, listen to them, be there for them, understand them, know their likes and dislikes, be the person they can rely on, laugh and hang out with, be selfless by putting them first and show genuine interest in what they are passionate about.
Remember you’re not dating, you’re just being a friend😁

2. Become a corporeal fantasy: Everyone has an idea of who their dream person should be, you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to do this but you do have to make some lifestyle changes that would meet your crush’s fantasies. For example, if he or she likes a certain type of style, look, interests, etc. make efforts to be the answer to their dreams but don’t compromise yourself in anyway and do not be a friend with “benefit”.

She prefers dudes with beard 😉

3. Throw them off-balance:

After doing the above for a couple of weeks, take a step back from being at your crush’s beck and call, don’t pick their calls as often as you used to, make excuses for not hanging out, this would confuse them as they would have gotten so used to being around you and wouldn’t understand the sudden change.

That’s right, you miss me. 🙂

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4. Make them jealous:

Since you’re not as available as you used to, your crush would seek you out only to discover that there is another person keeping you busy. Make it a point of duty to bring this person around the places your crush ventures, don’t introduce your crush to this stand-in person which could be a distant cousin, friend or just any hot looking person that would serve as a worthy contender and make your crush jealous. Also, it’s important to publicly display affections to this person as often as you can in the most natural way possible, like basic hand holding, kisses on the cheek, whispers in the ear and laughter, just tons and tons of laughter, like you’re truly enjoying yourself with this new person. This would make you more attractive and make your crush reel, green with jealousy.

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Who’s that dude she’s smiling so cheekily with? 😡

5. Grand finale:

Your crush is already used to seeing you happy with this other person. All of a sudden, fake open arguments with your stand-in, let your crush see this happen often. If you’ve played your part well, it would be easy for your crush to remember how it used to be before this other person came along and how both of you had been close, he or she remembers how reliable you were, and helped them with their passions and interests; using encouraging words, how it always felt when they were with you, unconsciously they would find themselves talking frequently about you and slowly the realization hits them that their lives were so much better when you were in it. They would take the arguments with your stand-in as a sign that they were meant to be with you and go in for the kill.

P.s. Don’t forget to play a little hard to get, nothing is as fun as the chase.

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How about a little fun ? 😉

Above all NEVER! I repeat, NEVER let yourself get FRIEND-ZONED!

Happy Crushing! 🥰

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