Funded Scholarship Without Barriers In Germany

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International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is Germany’s biggest university giving over 75,000 students high-quality schooling and accredited degrees.

With over 200 degrees and 350 courses, you are sure to find something that fits you whether you choose on-campus or online study options. You can’t afford a degree? It’s okay! No matter your background, nationality, there are many options for you.

Since IU was founded in 1998, IU has created an enormous network of partners, alumni, and students worldwide and is still looking for more ambitious people to join the university to broaden their horizons. It is deeply entrenched within IU’s policy that education should be available to all. You deserve an education that can kickstart new career possibilities and the future you desire.

With the wonderful scholarship options in IU, you can apply without a fee and be part of the many students that have succeeded with this opportunity.

IU has already provided over 50 million euros in scholarships to students in need, from Europe to Africa, to Asia and South America, so IU has a place and a scholarship for you.

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Details About IU Germany Scholarship
There is no paying back and no additional interest, just financial help to those who need it. With easy admission and a simple application process, you can apply in a few minutes.

You also won’t require any extra material to apply besides your initial student application, nor would you have to apply every year. IU scholarships can cover your entire degree in a one-time application, so you don’t need to stress about the future of your education! Scholarships are available for your online study options.

You can find out more about our scholarships, your options, and what suits you best on the website.

What can IU do for you?
As the most popular online university in Germany, IU provides multiple options for your flexibility. Their online options allow you to balance work and study with flexible learning times, adaptable exams, and access to online forums where you can discuss your studies with fellow students.

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By choosing an on-campus option, you would have the opportunity to live in Germany in one of two wonderful locations. Berlin, the capital city, or Bad Honnef, a quaint countryside town.

With our on-campus options, you will have the opportunity to gain an 18-month post-study visa after graduation, which gives you the chance to kickstart your career in the heart of Europe.

Both options provide high-quality tutoring with teachers that have at least 5 years of experience in their respective industries, supply accredited qualifications once completed, and produce top-tier professionals that are easily employable.

Do You Want to know more?
Don’t let a moment like this pass you by, IU doesn’t just provide a fair education during your degree with flexible options and scholarships, but you are also guaranteed to kickstart your future with this well-trusted university.

You can read more on our website and apply in minutes. Visit the Official Link Here!

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