Tbt: Throwback To When I Was Younger

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As a young girl who had just developed those onions on the chest called breasts, I was still very uncomfortable with the little protruding nuisance on my once normal torso. Whenever I take a walk on the street, it seemed to me that the passersby had hawk eyes for it. This made me wear big clothes because I wanted to hide them from the world’s view. Only God knew how long it was for me to get used to the changes in my body.

Aside from growing into my teenage years and the changes I had to face, I also had to deal with catcalls, winks and advances from guys. There was this particular one…

He was the tenant’s brother and he seemed to have taken a liking towards me. Hmm! I would catch him taking glances at me every now and then, whenever I came out of the house on an errand or two. I became so used to it that I always looked forward to seeing him.

This gradually developed into a brief but intense infatuation for him. I didn’t know why but it was just there. My sisters and I often had silent silly conversations about how the ‘yellow man’ (that’s what my mischievous sisters named him) would come out of their apartment and sit outside for no reason. Sometimes he would try to strike a conversation with my sisters and I. Imagine the strategy!

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One interesting trait about me is that I take note of details. And I apply this to almost everything. I knew the prints of the sole of his shoe and the scent of his perfume anywhere I went. I’m sure you know how it is when a young girl is crushing on someone.

Before you know it, he started giving me signals to come to our backyard. Each time, I remember asking myself, what am I possibly going to do at the backyard with him? I kept ignoring him until one day…

I went to the back of the house and he was there. I froze for a minute. Not that I was scared but my nostalgic feelings about that moment dared me to take the few steps toward him. I wanted to see what he had in mind. It didn’t matter that I could be going close to a lion that could devour me. I know I can be a little bit extra though. Back to our story…

Do you know what he did? It happened in the twinkle of an eye. He raised his hand to touch the budding creations on my chest. Immediately, I slapped his hand down and walked out of there leaving him surprised.

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This is the gist…

I was able to walk away but how many young girls can do that. How many are lured into situations that could have been avoided if parents kept an eye on their children?

Few weeks later, the tenant and her family were packing to a nearby apartment and my sisters and I innocently thought we could lend a helping hand. When we got back home, my dad, a strict disciplinarian, punished us. I didn’t know that he had been looking out for his daughters. If only he knew that my infatuation had died a natural death already. I don’t think that would have made a difference though.

I didn’t tell you what our punishment was. He had us sit on the floor, took a pair of scissors and cut all our hair amidst slaps and verbal knocks. Then he took us to one of our farms and left us to work there till nightfall. I never forgot that experience but it taught me a lesson.

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