Fashion Embarrassment

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I’ll never forget that day…

My boss was organizing a naming ceremony for his baby and I was to be the MC (Master of Ceremony). I had prepared so much for that day na, even trained my voice to sound superb, as per I no wan fall my hand…

On the d day, I was on top of my game as usual, speaking my oyinbo English and cracking everyone’s ribs with laughter. I like using body gestures to describe all that I’m saying, it is for better effects.

So as I jumped up to reach for an imaginary mango tree, the unimaginable happened. The slit at the back of my award winning skirt tore apart up to my buttocks. I was in shock for the next few minutes. Then I burst out laughing. The audience didn’t know what was up but my laughter seemed to intensify theirs.

Meanwhile, I stylishly used my free hand to inspect the situation. Omo! Thank God for the underwear I wore. I found a way to escape further embarrassment though. But my main reasons for sharing this awesome day with you is this:

  1. Wearing of undies; and
  2. Backstitching a cloth.

So what do you know about an underwear?

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It’s self explanatory. To put it simply, it’s what you wear under your clothes.

Why do you wear under wear?

It is worn for a variety of reasons…

  • It prevents the outer garments from being soiled by perspiration and other body fluids and discharges. It is also worn to reduce friction when the clothes worn outside rub against the body, for instance, itchy or chafing fabric, zippers, etc. A survey revealed that some ladies don’t like wearing undies some times especially when they wear certain kinds of clothing.
  • Brassieres provide support for the ladies while briefs do likewise for the men. It has been noted that many people like wearing their underwear to bed which is not good when you’re about to sleep. Tight underwear is a huge NO because it prevents blood circulation. It can also increase risks of breeding bacteria for both gender, even though the ladies are more susceptible to irritation in the vagina.
  • And of course, to prevent embarrassing moments like I shared in my story. You don’t want to imagine that happening when you wore nothing under your clothes. I don’t even want to think about it.
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As earlier said, some ladies would rather go commando than wear undies. While this aids ventilation, you have to consider easy access of microorganisms to your privates. Make sure you keep your skin and the clothes you’re wearing clean always.

Generally, good hygiene entails that you keep your undies clean just as much as the outer garments.  

Why you should backstitch your dress

My second point of call would be to discuss the importance of backstitching especially when you are making slits on your dress or skirts.

To prevent those points from loosening and getting out of shape, you need to secure them with a back stitch or lock stitch. This is done by going forward, back and forward again, right? That puts 3 layers of stitching at the beginning and end of every seam to prevent the stitching from coming undone. To properly learn kinds of stitches, see how to sew with different kinds of stitches.

I hope you’ve taken one or two points from here? Do you have contributions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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