Tips to Write the Best Motivation Letter for your Scholarship Application

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If you want to apply for scholarships, a motivation letter is a very necessary document. It is generally used when applying for a University or any educational program such as applying for scholarships. This post will show you tips to write the best Motivation Letter for your scholarship application.

The first thing you need to learn is the purpose of a Motivation Letter. As pertains to scholarships, a Motivation letter is an academic document that clearly depicts students’ interest in a Course, Degree program, University, or scholarship and how such program will aid them.

It is usually sent along with the scholarship application. Your being selected for the program you are applying for will be on the rationale of your achievements, motivation letters, cover letter, recommendation letter, and of course your Grades. However, even strong Motivation letters can help you if you have a Low CGPA.

Context of a Motivation Letter

  • Title of Motivation Letter
  • Introduction (not more than 3 lines)
  • The story behind your achievements
  • A Paragraph showing your interest and motivation
  • Why you are a potential candidate?
  • Ending paragraph

Tips for Writing a Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

You must first take some time to assemble your thoughts before writing the letter.

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Give them an impression that you are devoted to your field of study, and how this scholarship will help you towards your future goals.

Write it Yourself. It can not be written by a third person. Naturally, You are writing the motivation letter to the Scholarship Committee or to those who will review your scholarship application. They have to hear your voice through the letter.

Write an attention-grabbing and effective motivation letter. As the second most important part of your application, you need to make sure of this by going straight to the point. Below are some necessary questions you will use to form your Motivation letter.

  • Have you studied the research interests of the professor?
  • Have you linked your CV with your profile?
  • Why is that particular country/university/department your choice?
  • Among thousands of others applying for the said program, why should you be chosen?
  • Are you ready to sacrifice your comfort zone for the stated position?
  • If yes, then how?
  • What benefit would the person get, after you are selected?
  • What will you do after your selection?

Number of Words a Motivation Letter should have

The ideal length for a motivation letter is around 500-700 words. Go straight to the point.  It should not be too long.

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Body of the Letter

  • First Paragraph

Beginning with your short intro, tell them precisely what they need to know from the very beginning. It is okay to shortly state the program you want to apply to and why. But you can develop more on the “why” in the rest of the letter.

  • Middle Paragraph

As the most important paragraph, you need to make strong connections between your qualifications and the scholarship you are applying for. Also mention particularly, how your skills, experience, and qualification match the University and Course you’re applying for.

  • Conclusion and Closing Paragraph

Appreciate the reader’s consideration of your credentials. It is actually time consuming to carefully review a Cover letter and Resume, so be grateful. This paragraph will also be the summary of the above paragraphs.

Make use of a professional sign-off, such as “Sincerely,” “Thank you,” or “Best regards.” Check Google for some of the best Motivation Letter Samples.

You are now ready to apply for the Scholarships. See Here for some Fully Funded Scholarships in 2023.

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