Posting Bae’s Pictures On Social Media: What You Should Know

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Have you ever heard of this quote, ‘once beaten, twice shy‘?

It’s safe to say that you know what it means and that you have applied it in a bad experience you have encountered and wouldn’t want a repeat of.

This time, it’s being used for a popular yet fading question people in new romantic relationships are concerned about…

At what point in the relationship should I post bae’s picture on my social media platforms?

If you’ve been with someone before, you’ll understand the butterflies you have in the early stage of the relationship and how you wanted to show him/her to the world.

All over the internet, you’ll see loads of overly affectionate pictures with captions of being in love. No wonder there are a lot of #couplegoals on the net.

Unstable emotions everywhere; imagine, you don’t want to seem overly eager to post a picture together and make your boo uncomfortable — but at the same time, you’re proud to be with them and you want to show it to the world.

And at some point it all ends; and in a fit of anger after heart break, some of those pictures disappear because you want to cut that person off every part of your life. This may be before or after you’ve blocked them. It is sad. How many times would you go through this? If social media could talk, he would have already complained.

This is why you have to take proper measures before posting those pictures. And that is the exact reason for the birth of this article.

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This is one thing couples need to learn how to do before they even start sailing on the relationship. Why?

  • Your partner may not be comfortable with all the attention it would bring;
  • To avoid unnecessary frictions in the relationship.

This way, you can figure out when it would be convenient for both of you to bring the world into the picture through social media. Now here’s another question most people can’t stop asking. I mean, it’s all over Google. Let’s check it out!

Why doesn’t he/she post my picture?

  1. Is that question coming straight from your heart, stop thinking too much about it. I know it’s tempting to assume that this is a bad sign. But your partner may not be ready to go down that road. There are a lot of private persons working the earth who don’t want to be the headlines for a news flash. So they think it’s better to keep the blinds closed. Nothing a communication and understanding won’t solve here.
  2. Some of them just need a little more time putting all their feelings full blast and making the relationship public.
  3. This may burst your bubble but another reason may be that he/she still wants to play on the field. Some persons still want to have the avenue to meet and flirt around new people. Sad but true. If this is your sub, you both have to sit down for a nice honest conversation to know if it can work out.
  4. He/she is not a social media freak.
  5. Another disturbing factor is maybe you both are not on the same page. He/she may not think the relationship is that serious yet. There are questions you need to ask yourself? How long have you been dating? What conversations have you been having? Is it questions like ‘have you eaten?’ or ‘what are you up to?’ that fill your daily discussions? Only one way to fix this…talk about it!
  6. There’s also a chance that your partner wants to maintain an air of mystery. Let people assume what they want, and keep them wondering what’s going on between you two.
  7. This one is on you. Maybe you have nagged so much about it that they don’t want to be forced. It’s simple, just tune it down. Let he/she do it when they are excited about it.
  8. This may be the bitter truth. They simply don’t want to post your picture. I know, suck it up and be happy. There’s no need for any drama. There may be something bothering him/her that led to taking this decision. You just have to be civil about discussing this topic.
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Now here’s how to deal with it…

  • Respect your partner’s social media wishes
  • Focus on how they naturally show love
  • Trust them
  • Be honest with each other.

While we are addressing this, why don’t you have a personality check? Ask yourself if you’re oversharing your romance on social media. While we understand that you’re head over heels in love, do you have to share every single moment with the world?

Reality check, don’t you think?

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