Top 10 Tuition Free Universities in Germany 2024

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Tuition-free universities in Germany are keys to a successful career without being weighed down by financial crunches. The country offers world-class tuition-free universities for international students with cutting-edge research opportunities and diverse cultural experiences. Why so many students also choose to study in the country is to not miss out on the chance to study for free in Germany. There are numerous German universities with no tuition fees that attract students from across the globe. Let’s dive into the top 10 tuition-free universities in Germany.

Unlocking Opportunities: Tuition-Free Universities in Germany

Does studying in Germany sound too good to be true? Well, we’re happy to tell you that you can choose the best tuition-free universities in Germany! The tuition-free universities in Germany for international students have long been a beacon for students seeking quality education. Choosing from more than 300 public universities in Germany is a herculean task, but we did it. Below is the list of Top 10 German universities without any tuition fees:

1. Humboldt University of Berlin

Ranking: #120 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Business, Economics, Arts & Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Language, and Life Sciences

Acceptance Rate: 18%
Notable Alumni: Angela Davis, Sahra Wagenknecht, and Dieter Hallervorden

In 1810, the foundation of the world’s most sought-after tuition-free universities in Germany, Humboldt University of Berlin’s foundation was laid. One of the best tuition-free universities in Germany, the Humboldt University of Berlin offers 185-degree courses, out of which 21 are international Masters with lectures and seminars in English.


2. University of Hamburg

Ranking: #205 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Law, Economics, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Industrial Engineering

Acceptance Rate: 18%
Notable Alumni: Robert Habeck, Annalena Baerbock, Kirsten Boie, and Ole Von Beust

The University of Hamburg, one of the tuition-free universities in Germany, came to life with the Weimar Republic was founded. More than 100 years old, one of the best German universities without tuition fees. The university offers 65 undergraduate and 98 postgraduate programs across subjects such as Bioinformatics, Economics, Ethiopian Studies, Industrial Mathematics, and Integrated Climate System Sciences. 

3. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Ranking: #54 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Data Science, Technology Management, Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, and Quantitative Economic

Acceptance Rate: 18%
‍Notable Alumni: Max Planck, Thomas Mann, Joseph Campbell, and Kurt Lewin

The Ludwig Maximilians University, founded in 1472, is a leading research university that is one of the German universities with free tuition. An excellent academic curriculum, diverse community, and world-class research and career opportunities make it one of the best and top-ranking tuition-free universities in Germany and the world. You can choose from over 300 degree programs, ranging from Ancient History to Veterinary Medicine. Enjoy the perks and save money as a student by studying in one of the best German universities without any tuition fees in the world.

4. Technical University of Munich

Ranking: #37 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Data Engineering and Analytics, Management, Computer Science, and Business & Economics

Acceptance Rate: 8%

Notable Alumni: Tsvetana Marinova, Samiddha Mukherjee, Dr. Viktoria Leonhard, Jürgen Schopp, and Alexander Eichberger

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the most outstanding public universities in Germany. Founded in 1868, the best tuition-free universities in Germany became a pioneer in research and innovation. It is also a member of the TU9, an association of Germany’s nine most prestigious technical universities. The Germany university fosters a culture of openness, appreciation, and diversity. The university offers around 200 degree programs, including a range of English-taught courses, which you can study for free in one of the top German universities without any tuition fees. But, there are many other factors that come along, such as soaking in the new German life. Saving money is among the many things to take care of, too, and also getting accommodation

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5. Free University of Berlin

Ranking: #98 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems, Molecular Medicine, Medical Neurosciences, and Business Law

Acceptance Rate: 15%
Notable Alumni: Kevin Kühnert, Jonathan Franzen, Franziska Giffey, and Inga Humpe

Founded in 1948, the Free University of Berlin, as the name suggests, is one of the best tuition-free universities in Germany. Being one of the German universities with free tuition provides for holistic development alongside offering over 150 academic programs, including Digital Media and Technology, Physics, Psychology, Film Studies, and Management & Marketing.

6. University of Freiburg

Ranking: #192 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Applied Physics, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, and Geology

Acceptance Rate: 33%

Notable Alumni: Mario Molina, Edith Stein, Hannah Arendt, and Walter Benjamin

Founded in 1457, the University of Freiburg is also one of the best tuition-free universities in Germany for international students 2023. The university is known for its outstanding research and teaching. Students can choose from a diverse spectrum of disciplines, ranging from humanities and engineering to medicine and business administration, in one of the marvellous free-of-cost universities in Germany. At Freiburg University, you will get excellent opportunities for basic research, both in the core of individual disciplines and in collaborative research. 

7. RWTH Aachen University 

Ranking: #106 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Computer Engineering, Business Administration, Technology Communication, and Technology Education

Acceptance Rate: 10%
Notable Alumni: Eike Batista, Ranga Yogeshwar, and Franz Josef Radermacher

One of the most renowned and largest tuition-free universities in Germany in technology, the RWTH Aachen University attracts thousands of international students and scientists every year. The avant-garde university is one of the best German universities without any tuition fees. The institution has 260 institutes in nine faculties and offers more than 173 courses. The university welcomes diversity and is committed to respectful and inclusive cooperation in everyday university life.

8. University of Bonn

Ranking: #239 in QS World University Ranking
Popular Courses: Law, Agricultural Science, Art History, and Biochemistry

Acceptance Rate: 33%
Notable Alumni: Karl Marx, Franz Boas, Andrea Nahles, and Markus Gabriel

One of the tuition-free universities in the country, the University of Bonn, is more than 200 years ago. Ever since then, one of the best public universities in Germany, it has been offering excellent education to students coming here from across the world. One of the best tuition-free universities in Germany, it comprises over 35,000 students. The University of Bonn provides a broad range of programs across disciplines, from Agricultural Sciences and Psychology to Law and Art History. Being one of the world’s most distinguished, well-networked research universities, the university opens the door to excellent research opportunities for students.

9. Heidelberg University

Ranking: #87 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Economics, Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts & Theology, and Mathematics

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Acceptance Rate: 33%
Notable Alumni: Judy Smith, Allyson Lyle, Kamryn Memmer, and Terry Owen

Established in 1386, Heidelberg University is one of Europe’s leading research institutions and tuition-free universities in Germany. The university is home to 29,897+ students, of which around 5,546 are international students. With more than 180 study programs across diverse fields such as Ancient History, Biomedical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Law, Political Science, Scientific Computing, and Sociology, it is one of the best public universities in Germany you can go for. 

10. University of Bremen

Ranking: #514 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Marine Biology, Geoscience, Logistics, Computer science

Acceptance Rate: 20%
Notable Alumni: 

The University of Bremen (German: Universität Bremen) is a public university in Bremen, Germany, with approximately 23,500 people from 115 countries. It is one of 11 institutions which were successful in the category “Institutional Strategies” of the Excellence Initiative launched by the Federal Government and the Federal States in 2012. The university was also successful in the categories “Graduate Schools” and “Clusters of Excellence” of the initiative.

11. University of Münster

Ranking: #384 in QS World University Rankings
Popular Courses: Applied Linguistics, Business Administration, Educational Science, and Biology

Acceptance Rate: 15%
Notable Alumni: Ursula von der Leyen, Judith Rakers, and Thomas de Maizière

One of the largest and tuition-free universities to study in Germany and in the world, the University of Münster enrols 45,700+ students annually. Being one of the best German universities with zero tuition fees, the university offers degree programs across fields and 30 research centres.  

Requirements and Admission Process In Brief

Getting admission to one of the best tuition-free universities in Germany is a dream come true. However, to achieve the career of your dreams in the best public universities in Germany, you need to go through a rigorous admission process in tuition-free universities in Germany. The requirements and admission process might vary from university to university. But we have tried to curate a list of general requirements and the process of admission below for you: 

  1. Applying for admission to German universities with free tuition.
  2. Academic Transcripts 
  3. Certificates of Educational Qualification
  4. English proficiency test scores of IELTS, TOEFL and Duolingo or English proficiency letter from previous University.
  5. German proficiency test scores of TestDaF and DSH

Now, we know studying in Germany extends beyond the classroom. The country’s rich diversity, high quality of education, and superior research opportunities make it one of the top study destinations for students worldwide. And with numerous exceptional tuition-free universities in Germany, students have a wonderful opportunity to attain academic excellence. Whether you’re interested in engineering (do check out the best engineering programs in Germany), arts, sciences, or humanities, the country offers diverse programs and a welcoming atmosphere for international students. You can also check out our blog on the best universities in Germany. By studying at a tuition-free university in Germany, you will be saving a lot of money, and you will be able to save it at one of the banks in Germany. To find out the best banks, you can check out our webstory on the best banks in Germany!

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