Transferable Skills You Can Count On In Your New Job Location

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Are you planning on relocating? How do you guarantee that you are putting yourself out there in a way that shows employers who you are and what skills you can bring to the role?

You can start by honing your transferable skills and previous relevant work experience(s). In case you are wondering what transferable skills are…

These are the capacities you can transfer from one job to another. The term, transferable skills collectively refers to such skills as communication, adaptability, IT skills, leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, etc.

Generally, we pick up transferable skills while we carry out daily tasks. The compilation of these experiences is what will tell what skills you have and can bring to a role. Everyone has a diversified skillset, you just need to know how to sell them. The more relevant skills that you have, the more likely you will be to secure the job because they will bring out your potential to be an asset to a company.

This is why you need to be available for new tasks and challenges, as they help you hone these skills, you just need to review the skills that you’ve developed throughout your life experience and actively think about how these skills relate to the job you want to apply for.

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Communication skills are essential no matter the situation. You need to learn to get your point across and focus on what you’re being told if you are the receiver. Transferable communication skills include:
~ Public speaking
~ Listening
~ Discussion
~ Oral communication
~ Written communication
~ Interpersonal communication
~ Non-verbal communication
~ Presentation
~ Relationship-building
~ Rapport-building
~ Negotiation
~ The art of Persuasion

Management skills
The skill, Management is not just for managers. The following are what make up your transferable management skills:
~ Recruitment
~ People management
~ Organizational skills
~ Project management
~ Finance
~ Time management
~ Conflict resolution
~ Budgeting
~ Logistics
~ Presentation skills
~ Risk management
~ Action planning

Analytical skills

Businesses exist to help people solve problems. To solve a problem, you have to possess an analytic mind. Of all transferable skills, employers value analytical skills the most. It is quite difficult to find a job offer that doesn’t need them. Examples of transferable analytical skills:
~ Problem-solving
~ Brainstorming
~ Communication
~ Conceptual
~ Creativity
~ Data and metrics interpreting
~ Data mining
~ Diagnostics
~ Forecasting
~ Organization
~ Reporting
~ Research
~ Theorizing
~ Troubleshooting

Leadership skills

Two skills are often contradicting, leadership and management skills. The truth is that they aren’t the same. Management is about efficiency while leadership is about inspiration. Leaders should motivate and set an example to follow. They are great communicators with charisma and their soft skills are beyond compare.They are the ones who help build the teamwork skills of everyone around them, not just because of their seniority. Examples of leadership skills are:
~ Coaching
~ Motivation
~ Delegation
~ Strategic and critical thinking
~ Decision making
~ Collaboration
~ Creativity
~ Giving feedback
~ Commitment
~ Communication

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Computer and technical skills
As the world daily evolve, technological competence is a must-have. You are required to have basic technical skills even when your job role doesn’t center on having technical skills.

The more you’re able to offer them, the higher your chances to be employed. You also need to stay updated with every new tech trend so that you are current in the profession. Tech skills include:
~ Database management
~ Social media
~ Web (HTML, CSS, CMSs, SEO, etc.)
~ Office suites (MS Office, G-Suite, iWork)
~ Troubleshooting
~ Equipment installation and configuration
~ Graphics
~ Equipment maintenance
~ Analytics
~ Typing
~ IT skills

As a candidate who is flexible and ready to learn, you have to display a can-do attitude, have a wide collection of transferable skills to give, and the employer may consider you before the others.

You know you already have these skills, search deep within you, identify them and use them on your resume. Remember, once you learn a transferable skill, it’s yours.

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